Storage of Full Australian Issued stamp sheets

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How to store full sheets of Australian stamps

How we store full sheets of Australian issued stamps is always a subject of debate with many collectors. first you must know that there are not a lot of us out there. Those of us out there can be divided into approximately 3 categories.
  1. The serious collector who collects full sheets and conducts full and in depth examinations of each and every stamp within the sheet., thus producing a sound and extensive knowledge of the sheets origins, faults/flaws and condition.
  2. The second type of collector, will collect just to gain a full collection. This collector will have most if not all variation/re-prints/plate numbers of all sheets issued. This collector will also conduct an examination of each sheet, but not as thorough as the first collector.
  3. The third collector of full sheets is becoming a bit more prolific. Especially on eBay. This collector will pay moderate prices and re-sell there sheets for a greater return on there investment. Basically you are looking at re-sale agents not collectors. These are also people who break up full sheets, my pet hate for profit.
Over the years I have tried like most many different means of storage of my full sheets. Polypropylene pages from OfficeWorks, A2 page protectors and various full sheets binders from Album manufacturers around the world. All of these do not do justice to a full sheet of stamps and often discolour the stamps over time.
I have found a product made from DuPont Mylar, which if you believe the product information sheet. Can protect paper and similar materials for over 800 years. This product is now being used around the world in nearly all museums for the proper storage medium of paper.
I have found a Victorian company which manufactures a very large A2 page top opening which I now use for storage of my stamp sheets. I first clean the sheets both front and back to remove  any and all traces of talc/powder and any finger prints and grease/dirt. Once clean I place the full stamp sheet into the page and center the sheet in the page and put into a binder.
Always store the binders flat, never upright on there spine. I use Plan file drawers for the storage of my binders. Yes they do take up a lot of room, but if you purchase the right sized plan drawer you can get two binders per drawer thus saving space.
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