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STAND OUT from the crowd ...... design your own logo easily using paint program on your computer.

You can easily design a great looking logo for your store, without spending a cent, just using paint program on your computer. With a little bit of practice you can make your logo even more unique.

HOW TO ....................

1.     Open your paint program.

2.      At the top CLICK on IMAGE and then on ATTRIBUTES.

3.      TYPE in 310 for the width and 90 for the height, CLICK on PIXELS  and  COLOUR and then OK. (Now you have the right size for you logo.)

4.      Make a text box and choose a FONT, STYLE, COLOUR and SIZE - then type in your store name. You may also like to display your username, if so just make another text box and repeat the process.

5.      Select your Store Name and Username and place them where you would like them to be.  Then select a colour for your background and fill it in. You can use the paint can tool to do this.

6.      Please note that you can use the Magnifying glass to enlarge your design, because you may still need to fill in some background areas around your letters.

7.      Create a border, by using the line tool and selecting your desired colour and thickness.

8.       Save your logo, give it a name that will be easy to find.

9.       Now log-in to ebay and CLICK on MANAGE MY STORE, then DISPLAY SETTINGS.

10.     Under the Heading BASIC INFORMATION - Click on CHANGE, then go to UPLOAD A LOGO TO PICTURE MANAGER - Browse for your logo (CLICK ON IT) and then at the bottom of the page CLICK on SAVE SETTINGS.

With a little bit of practice you will soon be able to add more features to your logo.

Take a look at my Store Logo.

Once you have created your logo in the colours and style you like, you can then edit your stores THEME and DISPLAY to create a more professional looking store.

Other things to consider to make your store more professional looking ........... Create a Store Home Page, Use your Promotional Boxes, Set up Categories and Sub Categories for items in your store. Create borders for your listings using your store colours.


Spending time on making your store look great

 Shows you are committed!!


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