Store-bought vs. Homemade Cakes

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Store-bought vs. Homemade Cakes

It is very rare that one finds a joyous occasion being celebrated without at least one cake. Cakes have long been a symbol of happiness and celebration, due to the fact that they are pleasing to the palate and can also be decorated in a variety of ways to mark the occasion or even to recreate an image of the person being celebrated. If a person is looking to acquire a cake for an occasion, there are two main ways to do it. Cakes can either be bought from a store or made at home from raw ingredients. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, which a buyer should consider and weigh to figure one which would best suit the occasion, their preference, and needs.

Store-bought Cakes

It is quite common to find a business or bakery selling cakes in every neighbourhood simply because many people purchase cakes from stores. Buyers should consider both the benefits and drawbacks of store-bought cakes.

Advantages of Store-bought Cakes

For one thing, buying a cake from a store is much more convenient than making it on one's own. All the buyer has to do is to go into a store, order a cake, and pick it up when it is ready. Moreover, if a person does not have any baking experience, and the cake is for an important occasion, purchasing the cake from a store is probably a better option than making it. Making a cake at home if one is inexperienced could mean that if it does not turn out right, there would be a disaster on hand. Often, store-bought cakes turn out great since experienced bakers make them. They are also usually more suitable for very big celebrations, such as weddings and company dinners, since making a giant cake at home to serve a large number of guests can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Disadvantages of Store-bought Cakes

The biggest disadvantage of store-bought cakes is, naturally, cost. Because there are many costs that go into a cake made at a store, including labour, rent, ingredients, and so on, they tend to cost much more than if one were to make a cake at home. Not only that, store-bought cakes are also less personal than a homemade cake; if a cake were to be made specially for a person rather than just bought at a store, it carries much more sentimental value.

Homemade Cakes

For some people, baking is a hobby or an activity that they engage in to give themselves a challenge. While making a cake at home has its risks, it is also a risk that a lot of people are willing to take, due to the many advantages that homemade cakes provide. The pros of homemade cakes do seem to outweigh their cons.

Advantages of Homemade Cakes

Homemade cakes are often more budget-friendly. A cake that has similar ingredients to a store-bought one is still much cheaper. Not only that, homemade cakes are much more personal in nature, and the process can be made into a bonding activity. Friends and family can be included in the cake-making process not only to speed things up, but also to give the baker an opportunity to spend time with them while partaking in an enjoyable activity. Lastly, when making a cake on their own, a person can control what goes into the cake properly and accommodate the needs of the guests.

Disadvantages of Homemade Cakes

Homemade cakes require time and effort, as well as some culinary prowess. However, with the growing number of boxed cake mixes available, it is possible to make cake-baking more convenient, though it may not be as easy as buying a cake at a store. Also, making very big cakes at home is usually not possible; it also may not be possible to make a very elaborate cake if the baker does not have the necessary skills.

Comparison Between Store-bought Cakes and Homemade Cakes

As is quite evident by now, there are pros and cons to buying a cake as well as making one at home. To help the reader decide between buying a cake at a store or making it themselves, this table simplifies the comparison.


Store-bought Cakes

Homemade Cakes


Mostly higher

Mostly lower


Very convenient

Requires time and effort

Sentimental Value

Not much or low



Events with a large guest list

If a cakes requires tedious or specialized decorating techniques

Smaller events and occasions

As a personal gift or as a gesture of love or appreciation

The bottom line is unless the reader is a terrible baker or if the event is a big one, it may be better to just make a cake at home. If buyers still want to get a cake from a store, he or she can purchase it at a bakery.

Making a Cake at Home

To make a cake at home, a person needs several pieces of equipment. These include baking pans, an oven, an electric mixer or a manual hand whisk, mixing bowls, and measuring spoons and cups. Additionally, the home baker may want to have some oven mitts and an apron available for safety and cleanliness, respectively. Other than the actual ingredients, items to decorate the cake, such as Happy Birthday toppers, fondant icing, cream icing, piping bags, and so on. Buyers may also want to get help from more experienced bakers or consult the Internet or books on ideas and techniques for decorating a cake since making a cake look professional is quite difficult.

Baking equipment such as ovens and mixers can be purchased at big box and department stores, while other utensils can be purchased from supermarkets, baking specialty shops, and shops that sell kitchenware. Ingredients can be purchased from food stores and baking specialty stores. But if the baker wants a convenient place to shop for all the things needed to bake a cake, then eBay should be his or her first stop.

Purchasing Cake Baking Items on eBay

To purchase items from eBay, just go to the eBay and use the search bar. Try and use specific search terms to get the most relevant search results. For example, "buttercream icing" is probably a better search term than just "icing" if you know what kind of icing you want. If not, sticking to more general search terms can be more helpful.

From here, you can browse through the listings and see which ones fit your needs. Compare prices and features, and lastly, make sure to check out the full item description as well as information on the seller. Another tip is to check out eBay deals, especially if you are buying baking equipment and utensils. The deals section may offer discounts on such items.


Both store-bought cakes and homemade cakes have their pros and cons. Store-bought cakes are convenient and are suitable for bigger crowds; however, they are not very budget-friendly and lack the personal touch that homemade cakes offer. Homemade cakes cost less, have a better sentimental value, and can be customized very specifically according to what the baker wants; that being said they require effort and may not be suitable for larger events. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages and considering the occasion and personal circumstances is necessary to make the decision between store-bought and homemade cakes. If a buyer decides on a homemade cake, all the necessary supplies, from cookware, appliances, utensils to icing can be found on eBay.

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