Strategic Bidding Tips on eBay! learn how to bid!

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Hey eBayers,

Today I will be showing you eBay bidding strategies to help you get what ever it is you are dreaming about.

There are 3 ways to bid.

1. What i like to call, 'The Intimidater'

The first way is to enter your highest bid before the auction ends. The pros of this, is that it is alot more intimidating for the other bidders because everytime they time their bids in it says it been outtbid, so therefore they just give up.. (letting you win) . The cons are that people know how high you are willing to go, and can outbid you if they want to go higher than your maximum.


2. 'The Random Bid'

The Random Bid is a common thing used on eBay, its just a random bid (no maximum) i.e meaning you bid the closest amount to the price already there. eg.  current price for nike shoes, $20, and you bid $20.50  or whatever is the next above bid. The Pros are, if no-one bids above you, than you've won, the cons are you can be easily be outbid in the dying seconds. Read on further for more information.


3. 'The Sly Fox'

The sly fox is a strategy that can be either fantastic or terrible. What the sly fox is when you are watching something, and in the dying seconds you place your bid in. PROS: no-one can outbid you if your bid is highest, because they do not have the chance or time. CONS: The last time i used this strategy, the item was on $100.00 and i wanted to place my maximum in  the dying seconds, i typed in $110 with 45 seconds left, and i pressed 'confirm', then all of a sudden my computer goes, there is no more time left! and then to make matters worse, the other person won the bid for $100.50, i was so upset. so im just warning you...  be careful. ALSO remember if u do decide to use this strategy, make sure you  bid when there is still about 15 or so seconds left because there is another 'are you sure' screen afterwards so you need to prepare for that.


please note you can use 2 of these at once eg. 1 and 3.



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