Strike Freedom Gundam - ZGMF-X20A - Archangel

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How I coped with the Strike Freedom Gundam, mobile suit ZGMF-X20A.

I went to the  shop and bought  the  kit. The box was quite big and I was thinking what could be inside. I am making scale model aircraft and tanks since the 80's and if I see a box I know approximately how many parts are inside. Because this is something new to me I wasn't able to guess how many parts there were and how big the end product was going to be.  Normally  a 1/48  or a 1/72 kit you can guess the size and the detail regarding the aircraft model. As I opened the box I was amazed and couldn't believe my eyes.  There were so many parts I even got panicked:) for a moment or so. Then I took the manual, which partly was in English and began to make some plans. Under normal circumstances I know what kind of path to follow. But here the situation was different.

After carefully washing the parts in a container with detergent, I was ready for the paint work. I always wash the parts before beginning to apply paint, firstly because the paint adheres better to the surface, secondly to remove the dirt and grease, which might have remained from the production  phase.


The Japanese models from Tamiya, Hasegawa and Fujimi are known for their superior quality and detail. But I never encountered something that detailed similar before and this one was really a shock because I didn't expect so many parts. Making a quick assessment of the manual I began to work on it. After a certain step it was still a big puzzle for me how to cope with so many parts, which were lying around. After building the arms, the head and the  torso the model began to come to life.


The photos above show how detailed the kit is. The thumb, the fingers and the ankle are moveable. (One arm consists of 28-30 parts!)

I applied all the paint with a double action airbrush and the paint began to show its power. But the better part was going to come, I would have never imagined how the gloss finish could change the look of the "Strike Freedom Gundam". I was really excited and could not wait to see it finished.

After a while the body and limbs were beginning to come to life. The immense detail on the feet popped my eyes out:) But the detailing was a long procedure where I needed to apply a special wash several times.

The interesting thing was that the whole body and panels are attached to the skeleton, which is coloured in gold and needed again a long washing procedure for its distinctive and realistic look. I think the engineers have given a lot of thought how to make the parts fit exactly together to ensure the movement of the limbs without any hitch. 

At the end, after applying the gloss finish it was time to place the decals, which were of premium quality. They only needed to be carefully scratched with a round object on place. Definitely much more easier than applying decals by soaking them in the water.

As a result building the kit was a great challenge and a lot of fun for me. I must admit that I made some small mistakes because it was the first "Gundam" kit I made. But the result was amazing. I enjoyed it very much.



PS: Please copy the link below to your browser to see high resolution photos of this model.
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