Succulents: Best Sellers ?

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My History... I have always been a very keen gardener as I grew up on my Fathers flower farm. I
had over 120 Roses plus as many annuals as I could fit in my garden. But as the water crisis hit us
all, I decided to gradually change over to water-misers so that I could still have a
beautiful colorful garden without wasting so much water. Yes I confess: I was a
typical water waster with plumbed in water systems and running them too often and for
too long.

Problem who to buy succulents from? All my local nurseries charge around $6 for a
small plant and up to $15 for a nice size specimen. After spending over $300 this way
it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't even looked on eBay.

So I typed in "Succulents" and did a search.... "Wow" So much to choose from.
But I did notice that around 6 people were specializing in selling "cutting packs" ranging
from 10 to 100 mixtures. You can find these people by typing in "Succulent Cuttings"
in the eBay search section.

Hours of study later after reading all the adverts I was just as confused as ever... on the
average most of these packs cost about 60c each per cutting including postage costs,
so that compared quite favorably with the $6 that nurseries charge.

Next job was to sort out who I thought would be selling the best deal ever. Very hard
to choose: some vendors just have one or two items others have lots on their own eBay
store and others even have their own website filled with propagation and identification
photos and descriptions.

Being incredibly smart and clever I naturally started with the best looking advert...
Great results but then I wanted more so in the end I actually bought every mixed and
different pack I could find on eBay. Surprise !!! the quality and quantity hardly varied
from the smallest to the largest and I was pleased to be able to give positive feedback
to all the vendors with a clear conscience.

I am now hooked on Succulents and the roses and other water-hungry plants are
gradually leaving via the waste bin just as soon as my cuttings grow big enough to
replace them.

Summary:  I am pleased to be able to say that after all my purchases I only had one
bad experience (and that was my my own fault as I didn't read the advert properly)...
All in all I found that every one of the vendors supplied good quality stock + extras,
well packed and delivered in a reasonable time.

I now make a habit of buying from the same vendors 2 to 3 times a year when the
seasons change because this usually means that they will have different varieties in their

So in my judgment you can buy from any of the Succulent sellers with absolute
confidence... HOWEVER always read their advert thoroughly and don't blame them if
you buy the wrong thing.

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