Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones SF & HF - How To's

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How to Apply Swarovski Silver Foiled (SF) Flackback Rhinestones: -

"Silver Foiled Flatbacks" are crystal flatback rhinestones with a layer of silver foil.

A. Use a toothpick to dab a small amount of glue, proportionate to the rhinestone size you are using, to the surface of where you want to apply the rhinestone.

B. With a set of tweezers, gently place the rhinestone on to the dab of glue. Ensure that there is enough glue to surround the edge of the rhinestone.

C. Let dry completely for several hours.

Be careful not to use too much glue, which can result in a messy finish otherwise.


How to Apply Swarovski Hot Fix (HF) Flackback Rhinestones: -

"Hot Fix Flatbacks" are crystal flatback rhinestones with a layer of silver foil,
and a layer of glue design for application to cloth-like surfaces.

Although using a typical household iron is more time consuming (especially if attaching multiple rhinestones) and can be less accurate; it can do the job.

  • Heat iron on lowest setting.
  • Lay fabric facing upwards on a hard surface.
  • Place the HF rhinestone faced up in the desired position on top of the fabric.
  • Lay another piece of cloth over the rhinestone.
  • Lightly press heated iron on top of the cloth-covered rhinestone.
  • Hold for a 1-minute or until glue on back of rhinestone melts and adheres to fabric.
  • Let cool completely.
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