Switch To Holistic Cat Food, Grain-Free

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Cats systems are designed to eat and digest meat, so why feed your cat a diet full of grain and fillers?

Current scientific evidence and common sense agree that a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, consisting of grain-free foods can help to prevent or ease many feline health problems, such as obesity, food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and others. Grain-free holistic foods containing high quality meat based protein are ideal for most cats around the world.

Here are 12 compelling health benefits, switching to Holistic all natural no grain high meat diet cat food, with the added benefits of prebiotic formula, cranberry and milk whey isolates.

  1. Skin conditions improve
  2. Bad breath freshens
  3. Eyes brighten and clear up
  4. Hair or coat becomes softer, shinier and healthier
  5. Hydration increases
  6. Urinary tract health improves
  7. Stools reduce in size and become more biodegradable
  8. Energy and vitality increase
  9. Innate senses sharpen and tone
  10. Heart and muscle mass strengthen organically
  11. Immune system functions improve its ability to fight off diseases and infections
  12. Visits to the Veterinary clinic may lesson as the body corrects itself and my help reduce medical expenses over the course of your cats life

Optimize your cats health and well-being today!


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