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Imagine how it was, living thousands of years ago when science and technology were still far in the future. Our early ancestors didn’t have the devices we now use to peer into the intimate life of the atom. They could only observe phenomena, not measure them; and they observed another force. They called it by various names and imagined it was the invisible force of life itself. It kept our heart beating, our lungs drawing in air, our brains sparking with ideas. Without this fundamental energy, there is no life. So, they speculated, could it be related to the other invisible force of the magic stones?

Since the break through theories of Einstein and other physicists, we now have terms for the four forces in the universe: the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force, gravity and the electromagnetic.

All our body cells have some energy force flowing though them. We are not only “such stuff that dreams are made of”, but we are also the dust of ancient stars, and in that dust there are tiny magnetic particles.

Atoms, cells, human beings, and the earth – all are charged with magnetic energy. So are the push and the pull of weather patterns in the hemispheres, the movement of sun and stars. If you think about it, the whole universe is magnetic. The old cliché “opposites attract” governs the fact that all opposites are dynamic, creating change, powering life forward. Yin and yang, hot and cold, dark and light. By day, the positive field of the sun; by night, the negative field of the earth.

Although magnetic therapy believers and skeptics may be poles apart (sorry!)  They are alive to argue the matter solely because all human functions by the same invisible life force the ancients instinctively knew. The Chinese call it Qi, to the Japanese it is chi, and in Sanskit its prana. This flow of invisible life force energy, circulating through the body in an orderly fashion through pathways called meridians, guides the science of acupuncture, a therapy from China now officially accepted in the west. The ancient practice of yoga is based on energy centers called chakras at sites up the spinal column to the top of the head. Similar channels were called nadis in Sanskrit and Tsas in Tibetan. It is believed that illness occurred when the flow or communication, through these pathways was blocked and/or the supply of energy became deficient.

The fascination of magic lies in the apparent suspension of the laws of nature. We humans observe a natural phenomenon, marvel at it, learn to make use of it, and then attempt to explain how and why. Over the Centuries, explanations fall by the way side as theories are disproved and discarded, or simply get shot down. Sometimes science, each specialty with its own focus and agenda, finds itself playing catch-up with the phenomenon.


As to the electromagnetic force, humans by now have acquired a great deal of knowledge about the electro aspect. Electricity has given us many of the technological marvels and benefits of the modern era. But even as our scientific knowledge of electricity grew, it did not penetrate as far into the magnetic aspect. Because everyone knew that is existed but couldn’t be truly explained, in the past it was sometimes exploited by charlatans, and this has tended to overshadow its healing potential.

Critics need to be convinced by solid data on why and how magnetic therapy works. Modern medicine already uses some forms of this energy for diagnosis (MRI: magnetic resonance imaging) and healing (mending bone fractures more quickly with electromagnetic fields).

The two medical applications are closely related because of the almost twin aspects of the same force. All magnets produce an electric current. You are probably familiar with the electro-cardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) as used in modern medicine. These same measurements can be taken in magnetic values.

The continuous contact with magnets for some time generates warmth in body, activates the whole working system and accelerates blood flow. It therefore, give strength and tones up the body as a whole, Helps in faster recovery from ailments, removes, tiredness, weakness, proves beneficial in convalescence periods and reduces pains and swelling of every part of the body.

Reference:   Dr Ron Lawrence “Magnet Therapy the pain cure alternative”.
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