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  1. Veils   
  2. Dark Wigs
  3. Bellydance Costumes
  4. Hipscarfe/Coin Belts
  5. Bellydance Jewellery Set
  6. Bellydance Anklet
  7. Slave Bracelet
  8. Bellydance Slippers/Shoes
  9. Bellydance DVD's
  10. Bellydance Music

Bellydance has many varieties with many different types of costume. It is a wonderful form of exercise strengthening the core muscles and a very feminine artform in its own right. Bellydancers are true athletes as it takes strong concentration and muscle control to become a true bellydancer. Turkish Caberet style is the most physically challenging style. It has been likened to Jazz compared to the Ballet of the Egyptian style. In Turkish Bellydance the costumes are more gypsy like & wild. The modern Egyptian style of dress is more Evening dress like. Still sensual, though softer.

The music of bellydance varies according to region. Different languages & dialects as well as instruments. Bellydance Zills are wonderful finger cymbals that a Bellydancer can use to enhance the mystery and mood of her dance.

Veils are the ultimate way to create mystery in the dance.

Bellydancing can really help to get a sense of what your body can really achieve on the inside. It improves core strength and posture because as these are being strengthened you become keenly aware of your bodies improvements.

The best thing about Bellydance though is it is wonderfully fun & sensual!

There are African, Bedouin , Indian and many other forms of Folk style Bellydances to try.

Some are costumed traditionally, some folk style & some richly & ethnically modest.

Bellydancers often dance individually, in groups, with decorative swords, zills and veils.

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