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Hi ebayers im writing this guide today to worn n95 purchases of the fake n95s that are circling around ebay. ALot of people have been getting riped off so i will point out things you should look out for so i hope this helps you.

REAL NOKIA N95                                                                                           FAKE N95
1.On back cover has n95 written just under the nokia                                          Doesn't
2.The phone slides up and down allowing you to use media and keypad               Slides only keypad way
3.Has a 5mp camera                                                                                           Has a 3.5 and some have none
4.Has gps                                                                                                           Doesn't
5.has wireless networking                                                                                    Doesn't
6.Not touch screen                                                                                              Is touch screen
7.Has sensors in phone to detect how its being held                                              Doesn't
8.Slower start up time
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