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Buying good quality mirrored furniture can be a daunting experience. Prices usually range from the ridiculous to the uber ridiculous. Its easy to find high quality mirrored furniture, at low prices the likes of which Harvey Normans, Winks, Domayne and Snooze sell - read on ! Follow this link for high quality mirrored furniture at low prices:  my-furniture

Buying High quality mirrored furniture at the best prices!

There are hundreds of retail high street stores and online stores who sell mirrored furniture. If you are looking to furnish your home or bedroom with lets say, some mirrored bedside tables a mirrored tallboy and a mirrored chest, you could easily be looking at a bill of $5-10K! Crazy.. yes!

There are some secrets and facts you should be aware of when buying mirrored furniture, if you want to know what these are, and you want to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! keep reading.

It is not surprising that customers are looking to online sites such as ebay and my-furniture, to buy mirrored furniture at the right price, and pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LESS!

SECRET 1) The high street stores will try to tell you that their mirrored furniture is of a "higher quality" than anything you can purchase online or on ebay. THIS IS NOT TRUE! The High street stores in Australia either buy through distribution companies or buy directly from factories in China. These factories will make to order and all the high street stores and online stores do is barter for the best price. As such they have no direct input or people on the shop floor to monitor the production which means they do not know what the quality is going to be like until they receive their order and have shipped it out to the customer .. YOU!

Fact 1) Our mirrored furniture is made in our own factories and we have a dedicated quality assurance team at all of our factories. All products are inspected and full order reports are sent to us confirming that all of the products have been checked to ensure that when our customers receive our mirrored furniture, it is perfect in every way.

Fact 2) Our designs are unique and exclusive, most companies copy us, not the other way around.

Fact 3) We do not manufacture mirrored furniture for any other companies in Australia, and we do not buy from "ME 2" factories that just rip of other companies designs and then sell to anyone who wishes to purchase.  These factories do not care about quality or design, and the high street and online companies who purchase from these factories equally only care about how much margin and profit they can make.

SECRET 2) High street stores claim that their designs are unique and they are the sole designers of their mirrored furniture. This is not true. They say these things to try to devalue and weaken online sales of mirrored furniture. 

SECRET 3) Mirrored furniture should have lovely bevelled edges and beautiful rounded corners. If this is not the case, then this is not a good quality piece of mirrored furniture. This type of finish usually indicates that the whole construction is poor, from the incorrect type of glue to the general assembly of the main carcass. This mirrored furniture will not last!

SECRET 4) Most manufacturers will try to use the lowest quality mirror. This results in a green tinge finish to their mirrored furniture. Watch out for this!

SECRET 5) High street stores mark their product prices up by over 500%. We understand that they have additional costs to online stores, however the margins they make are massively inflated and YOU, THE CUSTOMER ARE PAYING FOR THIS!

We cut out high street stores and we sell our mirrored furniture at the lowest possible prices delivered direct to your door.  There is no compromise on quality. If you are looking for Mirrored furniture, such as, mirrored bedside tables, mirrored chests, mirrored dressers and dressing tables, consoles, and a variety of mirrored bedroom furniture, or you need advice on mirrored furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our ebay store:  my-furniture

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