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Ok guys my first time at this writing a review.  Well I sell this wonderful product which is 100% made from a combination of fake fur not real and polyester with a Chinese made badge supposedly Russian made or antique etc.  I am proud to sell this fine item and would wear one myself which I wear a similar one for fishing on the cold Volga River.  Please understand that this is not a genuine Russian made hat if that is what you're looking for ok and note that depending on who you buy from depends on where it is made and don't be fooled into believing otherwise as it is only made in China or Belarus.  The ones from Belarus are more genuine in quality and feel than those from China which feel a little average. I only sell Belarusian Hats which are awesome in quality and not the other as it is likely to fall apart after little wear. People often tell you the Military Badge is real authentic etc. when it is just a well made replica from China generally even on Belarusian hats. Price is obvious with this hat when you buy as if it is faux fur the price won't be more than $19.99 generally and for real fur $49.99 or more. I sell them at less than $20 and have had no complaints.  Remember last of all if it costs little never expect top shelf quality or real fur.  Also think about this,  if it is sold anywhere outside former soviet or countries and close countries near Russia excusing china(but there hats are of ordinary quality) then you're probably buying rubbish hats and my advice don't touch anything not sold in Russia and that way you will get a good item.  thanks for reading and please visit my shop.


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