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THIS IS FROM MY EXPERIENCE i have had a few bloopers on bidding but most of the time its been great the first rule is too check your bid by this i mean look too see you have the proper amount again check after you place bid before you click the binding bid or confirmation of your bid i did it one night i placed a bid so i thought was one dollar boy what a shock i had it was for a thounsand dollars for a $5.00 item needless too say i was in a mad panick but the seller and ebay after i contacted them did reliaze i had made a genuine mistake now i double check and check again  ive learnt too put things on watch list look at other sellers that might have the same thing work out all cost  this means postage as well combine all together usally i work out what my highest bid will be or it states maxiumn bid then i place my bid i consataly check the item iam bidding on too see who else is bidding you can do this in the bid history you can see in this who else wants the item as bad as you if the highest bid is not yours  look at all costs again if its still cheaper too buy then place another higher bid at times we can get swept away by the moment dont get caught out in a bidding frenzy unless  you really want it  and if its cheaper than the shops  but remember you have too add postage on this as well when buying off ebay so it all adds up i feel all in all if you watch  check and be aware of added costs your enjoyment will be good


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