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Millions of Americans have trouble getting a good sleep at night. Some suffer from legitimate medical conditions, but many simply don't give themselves the chance to get a good sleep because they don't take the time to look after their bed.

The following tips can help you optimize your bed for a blissful sleep experience:

Clean your mattress. Take the sheets off your bed and have a close look at your mattress. Look for stains or other signs of uncleanliness. Give it a good vacuuming, as mattresses can hold a lot of dust mites and other allergens that can disrupt your sleep. If your mattress is old and creaky, consider buying a new one. Mattresses aren't cheap, but they are the single most important factor in determining whether your bed is comfortable.

Buy a foam mattress topper. You don't have to own a great mattress to get a comfortable sleep. Foam mattress toppers (some of which are made of memory foam) can be a relatively inexpensive way to add a layer of luxury to your mattress. Simply place the foam topper on top of the mattress and then place your sheets over everything. Featherbeds can be used in place of mattress toppers (or in addition to them, if you want to go all-out).

Use the best sheets you can find. Don't skimp when it comes to your bedding. Trust us, you will notice the difference if you buy a top-quality set of sheets. Look for a high thread count and material that feels good to you (many people like silk, but some prefer flannel or other fabrics). Be sure to wash your sheets at least once a week, as this will remove dust and other allergens that can disturb your sleep patterns.

Pick a pillow that fits your physique. There's no right answer when it comes to choosing a pillow. Everyone is different. Try out a few different arrangements and figure out what you like most. If you've never tried sleeping with a body pillow, you may be surprised at how great it can feel.

Top it all off with a comforter or duvet. It doesn't matter what you choose to go on top of your sheets. It can be an expensive down-filled duvet or it can be a homemade quilt. Choose something that you're comfortable with.

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