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As a seller, I know that if I have listed many things for sale or auction, things can sometimes can a little hectic and difficult to keep track of.  I actually work full time, and I sell on ebay as a hobby/interest.  Sometimes, I sell my children's clothing and toys as they are outgrown, and replace them with other items purchased on ebay - keeping the ebay economy strong!!!

Having a tight schedule has meant getting a routine in place, so let me share it with you.  Each evening after dinner, I log on to ebay and go through the following routine:

  • Check if any items have sold throughout the day.  If so, I immediately "send information" (invoice) to the purchaser.
  • Check if any buyers have paid, and if so - how.  If through paypal, bank deposit or other - and ensure that the "payment received" indicator is showing.
  • Check if any buyers have not paid after 7 days, and if so, send an "Unpaid Item Reminder".
  • Check if feedback has been left, and if so, immediately leave appropriate feedback also.

When I list items for sale, I immediately package the item.  I prefer my own packaging to Australia Post's, purely as a cost saving exercise.  Australia Post do give a discount for bulk purchase of their satchels, but I find that these work out to be more expensive than simply wrapping the item in a good strong brown paper with tape.  Provided your item is protected from the elements, brown paper is fine.  I then write in pencil on the package a description of the contents for easy identification when the item sells.

Unsold items are kept on the left hand side of my computer in a box.  Once paid for, I transfer the item to a box on the right hand side of my computer - items cleared for postage.  I have a generous Post Office who readily supply me with address labels for my packages.  Once an item sells, I immediately complete an adhesive label with both my details and that of the buyer and stick it on the package.

The following day, on the way to work I slip in to the Post Office and immediately post my item/s.  I keep every Post Office receipt as well as all receipts for money orders, registered mail, overseas delivery receipts etc.

In my listing and also in my checkout information, I inform my buyers that as I live in WA, postage can take one or two days extra for delivery and ask them to allow time for receipt of their item.

If a buyer asks me when their item was posted, or is concerned about the whereabouts of their item, I respond that day informing them of the date their item was posted, from which post office.  I ask them to allow sufficient time for receipt from Western Australia, and to contact me again if the item is not received by a certain date.

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