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I buy a CB radio from a buyer in the US. He seems a good bloke and has great feedback. First purchase arrives.

I want another. i buy it and it doesnt register on the USPS website. He asks me to wait as it takes a while. I trust himas we have had a relationship in the past.

I am really busy and ask him for updates and he asks me to wait a little longer and it should show up and that he has had this problem before and that he SAW it scanned at the IOLA post office in the US. He reassures me he would refund me if it doesnt show. Anyway time goes by and I get nervous and file a claim with e bay. Its 1 day over the 45!! SHIT !

That was 6 months ago. I have e mailed the seller. He has sent me a replacement - the new tracking number doesnt register either.

Tells me he has been laid off work.etc etc. Lots of excuses . I stupidly offer to pay postage to resend another .  

2 items sent now

2 tracing numbers wont register --come on ! 

Guess what ? 6 months later I check the original USPS tracking number and it shows a package is on its way to Australia!! Yahoo, my item is comming my way.  Or is it??Then when I had not received it after the tracking said "delivered" in Australia( not to me ) I checked and it went to a different recipient. HOW COULD THIS SELLER REUSE A TRACKING NUMBEER ORIGINALLY FOR ME???. I e mailed the seller and he had no idea and says he saw USPS scan the item . Then why doesnt it show ??

Folks - I was scammed. I have no recourse . Just beware. This was a very clever SCAM. Get a trust relationship going. Sell another item to a buyer. Get them to hang on past the 45 days. File a lost postage item through e bay . You then get to sell the item twice and collect the insurance !

Its the most expensive CB radio I have ever purchased. Well ...paid for .. as I still dont have it .   

Lodge a claim under 45 days folks - I trusted too much

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