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Do all these words impress you? These are the most used words when sellers try to sell you worthless signed rubbish. The worst offenders are those selling soccer jerseys because many of the signed soccer jerseys are from Europe and last time I checked Europe is 24hrs away by plane. Where are all these jerseys coming from? Can you seriously believe that huge european clubs and the mega stars that play for them have time to sign an unlimited number of jerseys for australian sellers? Come on! Its time to wake up and stop dreaming. And no these sellers dont have european contacts! Stop being a sucker!

Another thing which is extremely disturbing is the fact that all these "valuable investments" are actually counterfeit jerseys from Asia. You are expected to throw away $300-$400-$500 on this trash but the people getting these jerseys signed are only willing to invest $10 on a fake jersey. Yes thats right, nt only are the signatures fakes but the jersey is also a fake. And the COA is fake and the seller is fake. Are starting to get the overall picture?

Certificates of Authenticity - When was the rule created that a piece of paper with a hologram and a signature is suddenly some sort of guarantee that the item is the real thing? More like COA are piece of mind for suckers. They are worthless, they pieces of paper with some statement that guarantees nothing, it just guarantees that suckers getting ripped off wont question anything and will throw their money away. The only certificates that have any value are those which are issued by the club, such a letter from the club stating that the jersey is the real thing, at least there is some way to verify the facts. How do you verify all these fake COA? Who do you call to ask questions? The local printer where the fake COA was printed? The guy in his house garage sticking holograms to his home made COA?

And the final point and one you should seriously consider. Why are you buying this stuff? What makes you think these items have any value at all? You can look on ebay everyday of the year and you will see hundreds of these signed jerseys. There is never a lack of signed jerseys listed so obviously they are not as rare as they want you to believe. These items will never go up in value, they are not valuable investments and you will not make money out them when they are fake items.

Save your money, buy things you love because they have meaning to you, not rubbish fake items that other people want to make you think have some investment value. When you buy things you love, chances are that other people will love them as much as you and those are items that will over time increase in value.

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