TTC Basics

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If you are new to the TTC forums, reading other people's posts can be confusing. Here are some commonly used acronyms to give you a head start. :)

AC -    Assisted Conception
AF -    Aunt Flow or Auntie Fat (periods)
BBT -  Basal Body Temperature (the one you take, first thing when you wake up in the morning, before you move your body)
BCP -  Birth Control Pill
BD -    Baby Dancing (a romantic way to say lets have sex lol)
BFN -  Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)
BFP -   Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)
B/T -   Blood Test
CD -    Cycle Day (used in charting, to label which day you are at within one cycle)
CM -   Cervical Mucus
D&C - Dilation & Curette
DPO -  Days Past Ovulation (or in medical term Luteal Phase, used in charting)
EP -     Ectopic Pregnancy
EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus (description of cervical mucus at ovulation time, when you are most fertile, the mucus looks and feels like raw egg white)
FMU - First Morning Urine
FSH -  Follicle Stimulating Hormone
GD -   Gestational Diabetes
GYN - Gynaecologist
HB -   Heartbeat
HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
IVF -  In Vitro Fertilisation
M/C - Miscarriage
M/S - Morning Sickness
O -    Ovulation
OB -  Obstetrician
OPK - Ovulation Prediction Kit
PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PG -   Pregnant
POAS - pee on a stick (doing a home pregnancy test)
TTC - Trying To Conceive
U/S -   Ultrasound
2WW - 2 Week Wait (wait between the ovulation and the next period to see if you are pregnant or not)

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