Tailor made clothes..................ASK,ASK..ASK, ASK

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When a seller states they are a tailor or dressmaker, to be sure you are getting what you pay for, request more photos of the sewing, the finished edges and the true measurements.

Ask for an ABN number, this way you know they are a registered business. Never deal outside ebay, because you won't have a leg to stand on, should the sale go skew.If you receive emails offering you to buy any of their items or extras they have outside ebay, report them immediately.

"Do your homework", go through ebay buyers and sellers feedback. Make sure you know exactly how much postage is before you bid, never assume anything. If unsure about anything, communication is the answer, ask questions, to get a feel if the ebayer is friendly, communicates well and is proud of what they are selling.

Most of all have fun,email and say something nice to your seller or buyer, if you lift one persons lips to a smile then you have achived something through cyber space, immagine what you can do, person to person! Don't take life too seriously. eBay is not our future it is a tadpole in the sea of the bigger picture.

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