Taking Good Care and Cleaning of Your Jewellery

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Taking Care of Your Jewellery

Taking Care of Your Gold and Sterling Silver Jewellery
Gold jewellery can dull and appear to have lost its beautiful shiny lustre from general day to day wear and needs occasional polishing
Sterling silver tarnishes naturally and requires occasional cleaning. Also, Perfumes, skin preparations, hairspray, sunscreens, perspiration and cosmetics all can tarnish your silver jewellery too.
Storing your jewelry in plastic bags with an interlocking seal when not in use slows the tarnishing process.
Wash your jewellery in a very mild warm bath with (my favorite morning fresh dishwashing liquid and a cap of cloudy ammonia), rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a clean soft cloth, an old nappy or flannelette cloth is perfect.
DO NOT use the olds wives toothbrush as it is abrasive
Polish your Sterling Silver and Gold Jewellery carefully with the Hagerty Silver and Jewel Cleaning Cloth.
Polish both metal and precious gems carefully with a Hagerty Polishing Cloth.
Used by Qualified jewellers we highly recommend this cloth.

Once you use it... you will love it forever!
We use them and stand by them
This Premium Jewellery Cleaning Cloth is impregnated with cleaning products that Will renew the sparkle on Sterling Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire, Rubies and Most Precious Gemstones (NOT suitable for pearl jewellery).
Perfect to shine and sparkle all your jewellery making each piece look brand new again.
This cloth is wonderful to use while making special creations to ensure a professional sparkle to your sterling silver and gold items.
Used by Professional Jewellers.

Anti Tarnish Cloth Zippered Pouch approx 11cm x 11cm (approx 4inch x 4 inch) in Size 
Hagerty Silver Keepers are made from Silversmiths' Cloth that contains R-22, a tarnish preventative that protects polished gold and sterling silver from tarnishing by neutralizing airborne sulphur (one of the the causes of tarnish).
The storage bags are great for storing jewellery individually avoiding scratching and damage.
Do Not wash these bags as washing will remove the protective anti tarnish chemicals
This cloth storage bag IS NOT suitable for pearl jewellery


Taking Good Care of Your Pearls
Your pearls are of organic origin with a soft and delicate porous surface. To maintain their beautiful luster, and to prevent damage, some simple care instructions should be followed.
~ Store your pearls separately, away from other jewellery. A soft cloth bag is ideal.
~ After wearing, wipe your pearls with a damp soft cloth to remove any perspiration, makeup or body oils.
~ Ideally have your pearls rethreaded by a professional jeweller who offers a pearl re-threading service every 1-2 years.
~ If you need to wash your pearls use warm very mild soapy water.
~ Use a very mild pure soap and never use detergents.
~ Rinse in clear water.
~ Pat dry with a soft clean cloth.
~ Lay out on a towel to dry.
~ DO NOT use ultrasonic cleaners.
~ Perfumes, skin preparations, hairspray and cosmetics all can be damaging to pearls. Complete your toiletry preparations prior to putting on your pearls.
~ If you follow these simple steps your pearls could become an heirloom and be treasured for generations.

Our freshwater pearls
Our freshwater pearls are sourced and imported direct from the best pearl farms in China.
Our Pearls are forever perfectly fashionable and romantic.
Timeless and valued as sentimental keepsakes from generation to generation Freshwater Pearls are simply the most loved and traditional of all Pearls.
Freshwater pearls are always elegantly romantic for weddings.
Freshwater pearls are also fashionable and perfect for Debutants, or simply gorgeous for all your fashion jewellery. 
Enjoy the beautiful richness of natural freshwater pearls.  Each Pearl is Unique!

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