Taking a Photo of Your Pet

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You do not have to be a professional photographer to take a great photo of your pet. Some hints are:
  • Choose a well-lit area but try to avoid strong sunlight as this can cast deep unwanted shadows. Outside, cloudy days are best. Try to take photos with your back to the light source. If strong shadows are present, use a fill flash to soften them. Avoid taking photos at night.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the photo and try to choose a backdrop that is not too busy and helps create the mood you wish to capture.
  • Be patient - your pet will most likely not cooperate when you want them to sit in a certain place or strike a certain pose. They may be more interested in interacting with you than being a model. It may be necessary to spend time with your pet first in order to satisfy their need for closeness and wait until they become more relaxed and willing to pose for you.
  • Wait for your pet to strike a natural pose, rather than force your pet to pay attention to you or the camera. Informal photos are often the best way of capturing the essence of your pet. You may like to wait for your pet to move around naturally and take photos as they go about their normal activities.
  • Take several photos as many may not turn out as you would like or your pet may do something unexpected.
  • In time, both you and your pet will become accustomed to these photo sessions and you will end up with a beautiful photo of your pet.
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