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Tanzanite has become such a popular Gemstone in recent years that it is hard to imagine a more exciting stone. The top quality Violetish Blue Intense Tanzanite (trade slang AAA) is the Tanzanite that is of most interest to us all as this quality is the top 1% of the productions and is increasing in value rapidly as the source depletes.

Mining of AAA Tanzanite will finish within the next 5-20 years. The estimates on how quickly the mine will become extinct vary dramatically because the growth in demand from China and India cannot be accurately gauged. If economic growth continues at the rapid rate that it has done recently then the mining will cease within 10 years.

All Tanzanite is heat treated. The stone is brown prior to heat treatment. This treatment is irreversible.

AAA Tanzanite that is certified and graded (not just with a GIA gem id card) is available more cheaply on Ebay than any other source in the world. We regularly lose money on our Top Grade Auctions. The cost price as of 7 January 2008 for AAA certified Violetish Blue Intense Tanzanite is $475USD per carat. That is what it costs us to buy now and we buy $200 000 per month.

Most dealers need 30% profit margin on their goods so bear this in mind when you make offers on stones. Ebay fees and Paypal cost 11% so 20% net profit is really not a lot to expect. Keep your eyes open on those 1$ no reserve auctions and always ask yourself if the seller hasn't got a GRADING cert but just a Gem ID card "why is that?". A grading cert costs money and proves the grading is correct and as described. If the seller doesn't have such a cert you really should wonder why not.

Have a great 2008 and let's hope it's a peaceful one for us all.

Investment Graded Tanzanite  Investment Grade Tanzanite Jewellery

PS: No import duty to USA for Tanzanite
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