Tap and Shower Buying Guide - WELS Rated Taps

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WELS is an Australian govenrment body which regulates how taps (and everything water related) are sold. If water flows through a product, it needs to be WELS rated (there are a few exceptions, see below)

It is illegal to sell taps (and other water products) which are not WELS rated.

It is also illegal to sell these products without the proper information displayed in the correct way.

Listings for WELS approved items must show the "Star Rating", water usage (in lt / min), a brand name and a model number. 

Many plumbers will not install non WELS approved products. Most councils will not grant a completion certificate to homes with non WELS items installed - this means they can not be lived in! Some insurance companies will not insure homes which have non WELS approved products.

Use CAUTION when buying WELS products from sellers who do not state the product Star Rating, water usage, brand name and model number clearly. Stating "WELS rated" or "Australian Standard" in a description is not the correct way to sell the items and you should assume that they are probably NOT WELS approved.

In order to receive WELS approval only the highest quality of materials and workmanship can be used. This ensures that water usage is governed and you are using a product which is healthy to use.

If you want to check to see if a product is WELS rated, use the Australian Government Website which lists all items by brand name (google waterrating).

Products which are required to be WELS rated include: taps, shower heads, toilets, washing machines, etc.

BEWARE of the latest scam. Some sellers have reproduced WELS labels and attached these fake labels to non approved items. The fake labels use real license details so look like they are correct.

Always ask the seller for the brand name and model number and check the details yourself on the WELS website. (google waterrating).

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