Teach your toddler to sleep through the night

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Teach your toddler to sleep all night

As most parents will know getting your children to go to sleep when you would like and having them sleep through the night is a major problem. Toddlers and kids are notorious for waking up in the middle of the night and waking too early in the morning. When toddlers are too young to read and understand the concept of time they will think if its light outside then they should be awake.

Day light saving can make this worse with it being very light outside when you are trying to get your young one to sleep. One solution is to have dark curtains or roller shutters to block out the light. It can be difficult to do this however if you want to keep a window open for fresh air flow.
Some toddlers are simply early risers who think as soon as they are awake its time to go. This could happen as early as 5am. You can try telling your young one that 5am is too early and they should not get up till 7am but they may still have difficulty with numbers and have trouble reading the time. This is a common problem when your child is around 2 years old.

One way to teach your child when to sleep is with the aid of a sleep trainer. A great product available is the Baby Zoo Sleep Trainer Alarm Clock. This Kids alarm clock sleeptrainer features an adorable monkey who tells the kid, by opening & closing of his eyes, when it is time to get up. Eyes closed – You should be sleeping. Eyes open –Rise and Shine.

Like a regular alarm clock it displays time digital time as well analogue, teaching them how to read time both ways.

Another special feature is waking up with the optional cool jungle alarm sound, instead of the regular frightening alarm bells. The volume of the alarm can be switched off completely, either for the younger children who do not necessarily have to get up or to allow a late sleep-in on the weekend, but still preventing an early rise.

                                   Pink/blue                                                                                    Green/yellow

This clock is a fantastic way to solve the problem of your child not sleeping through the night.

There are 2 colours of the clock available pink/blue and green/yellow. Both of these clocks are available from our ebay store. Please click on the link to the right to check out the clocks and purchase them online.  Ebay Store


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