Telstra 3G iPhone Unlocking Process

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Telstra 3G iPhone Unlocking Process

If you have recently purchased a 3G iPhone from Telstra, or one off eBay that is locked to Telstra. Then this guide might interest you. It outlines the steps to take to get your phone unlocked (legally ofcourse). Once the phone is unlocked you can use any network's sim card with the phone, provided it is a 3G sim card (as it is a 3G capable phone).

The fee that Telstra charges to unlock your 3G iPhone is $150.

1. Firstly you will need to ring 1800IPHONE (that's 1800474663)
2. Select option 2, then 2 again with your telephone keypad.
3. You will then be put through to a Telstra staff member who will put you through to the appropriate department.

It can take up to 48 hours for the unlocking to take place, you will then need to reconnect your 3G iPhone to iTunes for the unlocking to be complete.

Your 3G iPhone will now be permanently unlocked!

For those of you who don't understand why you should have to pay such a ridiculous amount to unlock your iPhone that you purchased outright, read this article!

You may be able to unlock your phone free if you argue your point correctly!
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