Telstra Next G Handsets/ Mobiles

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Important information of the Telstra NextG Network

Recently there has been signifcant press about the poor quality of the Telstra Next G Network which will be replacing the CDMA Network Feb 2008. Some Handsets that are NextG compadible  are actually qiute alot worse than the CDMA, which means the comsumer must be careful when choosing a handset, from either Ebay or Telstra. Even though there has been bad press, the Telstra NextG network out preforms other providers by a vast degree and the New Network will continue to upgrade over the next 8 months to a much better network.

Currently i work for Telstra and we class the specific phones into 3 catorgories, of which two are almost identical . 'A' meaning the handset is for Metro use and larger regional towns, and 'B' which includes Metro, large Regional towns, Smaller regional towns. And 'C' meaning the handset is rural approved with much better coverage than the others.

'C' class phones include the:

 Nokia 6120, Lg Tu550 (can be used with a carkit), Samsung A411 ( prepaid), Samsung A412 (release late Sept 2007)

The Nokia 6120 has out preformed all the other handsets coverage wise. It is the best Next G handset Currently, until Telstra Releases the N95 Nokia with a car kit in Late Oct 2007.

Mobiles not to purchase if you are using a CDMA currently ( A or B):

Motorola V3xx, Motorola V6Maxx, Samsung A711, Samsung A801, Samsung A501, Any telstra owned Phones (Zte)

In some cases the Digital Network has out preformed  some of the NextG Handsets, so be aware if you buy an A or B class Handset you will not get the coverage you need or had with your CDMA phone.

****Important Note****

Once your CDMA Handset has been deavtivated it is not possible to reactivate the Mobile again within Australia!

Telstra has closed all CDMA serviced and will replace them with Next G services in the future.



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