Ten Clothing Items Every Woman Should Have

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Ten Essential Clothing Items Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe.

1.   3 Piece Black or Grey Suit ( Skirt, Pants and Jacket) -  There is nothing more useful than a three piece black or grey suit, because it goes with everything as well as being two suits in one. They are ideal for meetings, luncheons or antime you want to look professional ( Job Interview). These pieces should never be trendy instead go for a classic cut that will serve you beautifully for years.

2. Pair of Closed Toe Heels or Pumps - Your close toed black heels will not only make your three piece suit extra professional. They are ideal for work ; it's not appropriate to wear open shoes in some workplaces. They are also the perfect shoes for the evening when you want to go out and look nice.

3. Little black Dress - The LBD is such a fashion must have, It's the one dress that fits perfectly every time and can go anywhere with the right accessories. Get the dress and then build around it, choosing heels, handbag and jewelry to support it in its many incarnations. Then wear it and wear it again.

4. Crisp White Button Up Shirt - A crisp white button up shirt will never go wrong: it can be worn with jeans on an impromptu outing or with a elegant skirt for a simple evening look. It goes beautifully with your suit skirt, either under the jacket or with a sweater.

5. Colourful Scarf -  Choose a colourful scarf to dress up your jeans or brighten up your workday. Get a scarf that compliments your complexion: you may be wearing it around your neck or over your hair.

6. Bathing Suit -  your bathing suit has the power to infuse you with confidence or make you slink around under a towel. Like shoes whatever it costs is worth it, if you spend any time at all in or near the water, you must have a bathing suit you feel great in. Look for suits in the new fabrics with more holding power than lycra. but also don't neglect style: wrap tops, shirring at the waist and an excellent cut can slim you as soon as you put on the suit.

7.    Dark Wash Straight Leg Jeans -  Dark wash jeans are ideal for the wardrobe because they can dress up or down much more easily than faded denims can. Wear your chrisp white shirt with jeans and put on your party earrings. Wear them to concerts, the movies or out to lunch. Look for full figured jeans in the nearly original indigo blue that was once the only choice in jeans. Choose tailored straight leg or slight bootcut styles, medium to heavy weight denim and no ornamentation beyond the occasional rivet.

8.   Everyday Classic Purse that Goes With Everything - An everyday purse is one of the more misunderstood items in the wardrobe. Let's face it; it's one that goes with you everywhere and is seen by everyone. A cute purse earns compliments; a classic purse inspires. That everyday purse is often leather but there are some great looks in denim, velvet and tapestry.

9.   Twin Set - The classic piece and cashmere is the classic fabric. If you can get a cashmere twin set your wardrobe will alsways benefit from it. This item can dress up skirts, jeans or even work pants without trying. Choose a colour that is flattering to you, not black or white. Team it up with a single strand of pearls.

10.    Wide Legged Dressy Black Pants - Straight leg black dressy pants are the wardrobe item that you may get the most wear out of because that look great with everything. Instead of a boot cut of flared leg these pants fall straight from the hip to the instep in a flowing sensuous line of fabric. They can be worn with a moderate heel, a nice sweater or a designer T-Shirt for a more casual look. For something more formal, look for a silk shirt in a neutral colour. Straight legged dressy pants wear well in wool gabardine.

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