The 17 scams of Ebay

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Did you know that there are 17 scams aimed at ebay users?

I have been a member of ebay since 2000 and I've seen them all; from fake emails to stories from other powersellers.  As a buyer we have to put up with scam sellers; as sellers we have to put up with scam buyers.  (If you are a 'trading assistant' you might be targeted by both scam buyer AND seller).

So how can you spot these scams?  LEARN what they look like.  I do sell a book in my ebay store called "Cyberscams - how they affect ebay and you", to buy just the section on ebay is $1.99 (item 290174509616) while the complete book is $19.99 (item 290193088155).

So what do you do if you are scammed?  Contact ebay's security division as quickly as possible.  Usually they are very fast at rectifying the problem.  Unfortunately they can only help you after the scam has been done, this can cause hardache so it is better to try and not fall for the scam in the first place.

I have actually been a victim of a scam email, it was the 'powerseller' scam and I accidently gave my account details to scammers.  Luckily ebay's security division knew about the scam and shut my account down quickly before any damamge could be done.

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