The 2012 Christmas Buying Guide!

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Its that time of year. The time when you have to rack your brain for present ideas… Some come easy, such as the nephew who plays soccer or the daughter who is a dancer. However what about for those Hard to Buy for people? What do you get those people who you just cant seem to think of anything for?
Well in this Guide im going to address both the best Presents for this Christmas, as well as the best presents for the “hard to buy for” People in your life. So lets get into it!
Top Selling Presents this year:
1. Apple Accessories:
 It is really no surprise to anyone that Apple is still the hottest thing around. With 1 in 2 households owning something apple, there really is no shortage of gift idea's here. Be it a New phone case, A Ipod Dock, or a Ipad keyboard. Apple is a great place to start your shopping
2. Sporting Memoribillia
 Now this depends on the persons tastes, But 85% of australian's Follow Some form of sport. So grab them a Scarf or bumper sticker for a fail proof gift.
3. For Boys and Men: Video Games
 This year has been packed with great game releases. If the Boy or man your looking to buy for loves kicking back with the xBox for a little R&R then check out the new Halo 4, Assasins Creed 3, Fifa 13 and Ridge Racer UnBounded
4. For the Lady in your Life: A New Jewlery Box
 Did you get her earings last year, and a necklace the year before that? Well its now time to get her somewhere special to keep them all. All women Love a new jewlery Box. Get one with a classy design, and several compartments. And dont forget, If you want extra points put a small something special inside for her.
5. For your Son
 The Little man in your life will love many things such as The batman dvd collection: The Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set or a new set of sunnies.
6. For your Daughter
We all know that young ladies can be difficult. However you cant go passed the traditional "Girly" Accessories. A New handbag, Pair of sunglasses, or a Gift voucher for Myer and you can take her on her very own Shopping Spree!
7. For your Parents: A Kindle
 The world is a changing, Yet the simply joys in life such as reading remain the same. Grab your parents a Kindle from amazon, and pre-load it with several of their favourite books!

Now for those "But i have no idea what to get them" People.

The majority of the population will set themselves New-Years resolutions on december 31st, So why not get them something that will help them acheive them.

1.A Set of New Body Fat Scales
 Over half the country will set the goal to lose weight in 2013, so give them a helping hand with a new set of Body Fat Scales

2. A Gym Starter Pack
 For those who dont want to lose weight, a large amount will aim to "Get in shape" in 2013. We know its much the same thing, However a gym Starter pack will set them on the right track. Include items such as a Gym Towel, Pedometer, Tape measure and Calipers so they can track their results. Oh and dont forget a water bottle!

3. A Kitchen Scale
 Cooking is an essential part of life. Everyone does it, even if they dont admit it. So grab your mother, your sister or that friend from work a new Kitchen scale and give them the gift of better tasting cooking in 2013.

Well there you have it. A fully comprehensive Christmas Buying Guide. I hope that it helps take the pressure off this christmas season!

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Yours in Health and Well-Being

Maria & Joel
The Scale House

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