The 6 Best Road Bikes for Riders of All Levels

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It's time to hit the road. Biking is one of the absolute best ways to stay fit and healthy. It combines aerobic, strength, and endurance training, and it's safe for everyone from young adults to seniors. Road bikes double as a low-cost, pollution-free way to see wide swatches of the country. While mountain bikes are designed for exploring the wilderness, road bikes are built for speed. The frame is generally lighter, and the wheels are both larger and narrower. The design of a road bike emphasises aero-dynamics for cutting through the wind on smooth surfaces only. Search online for road bikes to take advantage of the biggest selection in terms of manufacturers, tyres, and accessories. Don't forget to dress for the occasion with an approved helmet, the right jersey, and other clothing designed specially for safe cycling.
For those who want to start at the top, here's an introduction to six of the absolute best road bikes for cruising all over down under.

  1. Pinarello Dogma FPX - This is the top of the line. It's also one of the most expensive. This is the only serious road bike in production with a frame made out of magnesium. The metal is difficult to work with but excels at handling vibrations, giving the Dogma a ride as smooth as silk. It's also one third lighter than aluminium, allowing for heavier tubes, brackets, and parts to make the bike tougher than steel on the road. For the experienced cyclist, the Dogma is a dream machine.
  2. Eddy Merckx EMX-525 Dura Ace - For those who have a need for speed, no other road bike can command as much power to the wheels as a Merckx. It was designed by the man who has won more races than any other cyclist in history. Make no mistake, this bike was not built for a cushy ride. Moving fast is what it does best, and all other considerations come later or not at all.
  3. Specialized Allez Sport - Perfect for beginners, the Allez presents a ride that is not too fast and not too rough, at a very low price. It's an ideal machine for city jaunts and off-the-beaten-path bike trails. There are only nine speeds to cut down on the confusion, and the ultra-padded Riva saddle helps the rider settle into cycling.
  4. Wilier Triestina Zero.7 - Outside of the city, the road can bring unexpected pot holes, sharp turns, and tough hills. The Zero.7 is a road bike built to conquer the unexpected. Although it is on the pricey side, the bike's SEI film between layers of carbon fiber take the sting out of rough surfaces. The enhanced stiffness of the front end delivers tighter control over the curves, and the powertrain turns steep inclines into no big deal.
  5. Cannondale Synapse Disc 5 105 - This low-priced option is preferred by intermediate level cyclists moving up to longer rides. The carbon frame dampens down the shocks. Disc brakes are better able to handle roads that are slick from sudden showers. Gear shifts are smooth, and it perfectly balances speed with comfort.
  6. Marin Fairfax SC6 - This is probably the best road bike for the casual rider who just wants to have fun. The arrangement of the handlebars is perfect for building forearm strength and more control in steering. The frame is arranged so the rider can sit up and enjoy the view instead of being completely hunched over. Disc brakes add weight to the bike but also make it much easier to make pit stops at wineries along the way.

Whether you want to build your own custom bike from the ground up or just jump on and start pedaling, all of the best bikes and bike parts can be found on eBay and delivered to your door. Make sure you study the rules of the road and assemble the proper protective gear before getting started. There are special bike paths and cycling clubs all across the country; each can open up a new world to explore, so don't waste any more time before you experience it for yourself. There is nothing to compare with the freedom of burning down the open road behind the handlebars of one of these top bikes.

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