The 8 Steps to a Mastermind Alliance

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I know Napoleon Hill's methods may see a little intense or even, in the last point, brutal.  However he became, using these and other methods, very successful in business.  Perhaps it's advice worth taking.


Following are eight steps Napoleon Hill sets out to realising your definite chief aim in his book Law of Success.


Step 1: Decide what your definite chief aim is

Step 2: Write your aim as a clear and concise statement

Step 3: Form your alliance with a person or people (can be partner, mother, father, siblings, friends or business associates)

Step 4: You and the mastermind members sign your aim statement (they must whole-heartedly support your aim)

Step 5: Give each member a copy of this signed statement

Step 6: Meditate on, think about or read aloud this statement at least once every 24 hours

Step 7: At least once a day, one or all your alliance affirms your statement to you in a way that expresses they know you can and will realise your definite chief aim

Step 8: You must follow this procedure until your aim is realised.

It may be necessary to change the steps you use in realising your aim.

If a member looses faith, immediately remove the member and replace them with another member.

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