The Absco Garden Shed Range

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G'day and welcome to my guide on the Absco Garden Shad models.

Absco is a fully Australian owned company based in Brisbane, Queensland. Absco is the market leader, certainly in Australia, if not the world, in innovative garden shed designs. It's innovative Snap-Tite assemble system is the easier assemble system in the world, making garden shed erection an easy DIY project for everyone.

Absco's comprehensive range can be overwhelming, this guides purpose is to give you an overview of the most popular models to help you to decide which one might be the best suited to your needs.

PREMIER: One of the best sellers Absco models, designed for maximum strength and low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting. All sizes come with a gable roof and one or two door configurations. Door(s) are hinged for added security.

It is available in Zincalume and Colorbound (Classic Cream, Cottage Green (pictured), Pale Eucalypt and Paperbark)

Sizes vary from 1.51m x 1.51m to 3m x 3m.

It is popular mainly because it is very well priced and represents a great value.


REGENT: This model represents a higher quality finish than the Premier and a great way to add value to your home. It is also manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting. On this model the doors are on the gable end and the roof has a slight overhang to add to the overall appearance. Doors are also hinged for added security and braced for strength and rigidity.

The Regent is available in Zincalume and Colorbound (Classic Cream, Cottage Green, Manor Red (pictured), Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Surf Mist and Woodland Grey colours)

Sizes are available from 1.52m x 1.44m up to 3m x 3.66m.

It is a beautiful design and a real contribution to your backyard.


SPACESAVER: This model is the ultimate storage unit for those areas where space is limited. Fits under eaves and is large enough to store tools, sporting equipment etc. It is ideal for storage in garages & carports in unit complexes and for the small backyards in high density developments. This model comes with a single or double hinged door, based on the size.

The Spacesaver is available in Zincalume and Colorbound (Classic Cream (pictured) and Pale Eucalypt colours)

Sizes are available from 1.51m x 0.78m up to 3m x 1.51m.

Very popular model for back yards where place is limited.


EZISLIDER: A smart edition to the Spacesaver which is a Spacesaver with sliding doors. It perfectly suits scenarios where place is limited and the door opening may nap be practical.

It comes in one size (3m x 0.78m) in Zincalume and Colorbond (Classic Cream and Pale Eucalypt (pictured) colours)


ECONOMY: This model is the 'budget; model of Absco, great solution for storage where the shed is not a focal element of the garden design. It comes with a flat roof, and the hight is only 1.8m.

It comes in two sizes, 2.26m x 1.52 and 3m x 1.52 and the door is on the short side on both sizes. This model is only available in Zincalume.


WORKSHOP: It is the ultimate garden shed - suitable as a workshop for the hobbyist or a large storage area for the serious gardener or a home handyman. It comes with 2 or 3 doors (a double and a single door) and gabled roof.

Available in Zincalume (pictured) and Colorbound ( Pale Eucalypt and Classic Cream colours)

Sizes vary from 4.48m x 2.26m to 5.96m x 3m.


UTILITY: This model is what you need for your trailer, boat, car or anything you can thing of. Featuring extra large door opening in gable end, personal access side door with doors braced for strength and security, heavy duty reinforced central and front internal frames.

Available in Zincalume and Colorbound (Pale Eucalypt, Cottage Green, Classic Cream, Paperbark (pictured) and Woodland Grey colours)

Sizes vary from 3m x 4.48m up to 3m x 5.96m.

I hope this quick overview of the Absco models will help you to decide which would suit your needs best.

All above models come with 10 years warranty and demonstrate exceptional quality.

Thank you for reading through my guide.

Have a nice day.

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