The Bamboo Curtain - I Fit in Small Doorways or Windows

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The bamboo curtain, with width of 90 cm and height 200 cm, is designed for a typical doorway, but can be customised to be hung just about anywhere.


15-30 minutes craftwork and you'll have customised your bamboo curtain.



Narrow doorways or windows can be fitted by cutting the piece of wood at the top to size, then screwing in new loops (known as screw eyes). Wide doorways or windows require 2 (or more) bamboo curtains.




To shorten your bamboo curtain, you just cut straight across to the height you want. The bamboo curtain is made from a series of bamboo beads, each fastened to the next, to make strings of bamboo beads. You need to cut the join between 2 beads on each string, using small, fine-tip pliers; so for a 90 string bamboo curtain, you make 90 cuts.



With some modification, your bamboo curtain can hang just about anywhere

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