The Bamboo Door Curtain - I'm a D.I.Y. Dream

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To hang up your bamboo door curtain, you only need to screw hooks above your doorway, or even just use 2 nails.



What Should I Know?

  • You need two hooks or nails for each curtain, they aren't included
  • Most people will just screw 2 hooks into the wood above their doorway, but it's also possible to drill into a wall


How to Hang Up

The bamboo curtain has 2 metal rings at the top, with a 6mm gap through the middle of each. Pretty much any kind of metal hook (known as screw hooks) will work to hang up your bamboo curtain; you need to screw them into the wood above your doorway. If you're short of time simply hammer 2 nails as you might do to hang up a painting.


Advanced Method

It is also possible to drill straight into your wall and put hooks in, as long as you have a cordless drill and are confident enough with the tool. This way allows you to hang your curtain from the wall above your doorway; or, to hang your curtain against your wall for a splash of décor or as art.



When your bamboo curtain arrives in the post, you need waste no time in hanging up and opening your door

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