The Bamboo Door Curtain - Listen to the Wind

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Necessity is the mother of invention, and the original purpose of the bamboo curtain was to deter insects. The bamboo curtain has since become an aesthetic piece that can soften or elevate the mood in a home environment.

What Should I Know?

Things you might want to know before you buy include:
  • How many strings are on the bamboo curtain (explained below)
  • Do the colours match the colours in real life
    • It's never possible to show colours closely on different computers, taken with different cameras; so if you are particular about shades of colours, ask the seller
  • Picture detail - you might ask the seller for a close-up photo of the design
  • Postage - ask the seller for the cost to your post code
    • The box is relatively large and the postage price can jump, more if you're in a regional area
    • Ask the seller if they combine postage for 2 or more items

 Possible Uses

The Benefits of Bamboo Curtains Include:
    * Hang in the front and back door to allow cool, fresh air in but keep the flies out.
    * Hang in the doorway between rooms to provide a partial degree of privacy.
    * To help cover your washing machine, etc.
    * To cover your closet doorway.
    * Make a division within a room such as the home office.
    * The beads make soothing sound as you walk through them, or as the wind blows.
    * According to Feng Shui, Bamboo Curtains enhance the energy flowing in a room
       (in the same way a wind chime does).
    * Use as a wall hanging to add interest to a room.
    * Add to the ambience of a room by adding meaningful art.
    * Hanging across your front door to welcome guests at your next party.

The Differences Between 125 Strings or 90 Strings

Bamboo Curtains are made from a series of bamboo beads, each fastened to the next, to make strings of painted bamboo beads. The entire bead is painted, so the picture appears on both sides and the picture remains clear as the strands sway. 90 Strings are needed to give a detailed picture. Bamboo curtains with 90 strings use a thicker bead at the top, and the string tapers down to narrow beads at the bottom. Bamboo Curtains with 125 strings give a higher detail picture, and the bamboo beads are thinner than on the 90 string curtain; also giving a more uniform appearance because there is less taper from the beads at the top of the curtain to the beads at the bottom.

This basic illustration shows the different bead thickness, and the different taper, between 125 and 90 Strings:

Width & Height

The bamboo curtain, with width of 90 cm and height 200 cm, is designed for a typical doorway, but can be hung just about anywhere. If you are ordering more than one, and want them to be exactly the same length, we can't guarantee this as each is hand made and can vary slightly in length.

Open Up Your House and Listen to the Wind. Get a Bamboo Curtain.

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