The Benefits Of Juicing

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Many people ask, why juice your fruit and vegetables when you can just eat them to get the nutrition that you need.

To get the same amount of nutrients from the produce that is in the juice, you would need to consume large amounts of the fruit and vegetables. Even for people who love their fruit and vegetables this would be difficult. Juice is also very easy to digest, is densely packed with vitamins and minerals and is quickly absorbed into the body.

By using a slow juicer, such as the Ayon slow juicer, to do the juicing you  are not destroying these nutrients as there is no friction involved in producing the juice which causes destruction of many nutrients, there is also very little oxidation.

Just about any type of raw fruit or vegetable can be juiced which gives you a huge variety to choose from, making sure that you consume a large variety of nutrients.  There are literally hundreds of juicing recipes to choose from.  It is advisable not to drink too much fruit juice though because of the high natural sugar content. Vegetable have the added benefit of alkalizing the body which helps to fight off disease and help with conditions like arthritis.

By juicing your own fruit and vegetables you know that it is fresh and you also know exactly what has gone into the juice. Try and buy the freshest fruit and vegetables that you can, or, if you are able grow your own and you will know just how fresh they are.

Many people report that they feel more energetic and just plain healthier by regularly consuming a variety of juices. Start juicing today and you will also feel the benefits of juicing.

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