The Benefits of Using Modern Reusable Cloth Nappies

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Modern Cloth Nappies or Disposables?  It's Your Choice...

There are many decisions to make when having a child.  One of these decisions is whether to use disposable or modern cloth nappies.  The truth is that modern cloth nappies have many advantages over disposable nappies and they are much easier to use than in the past.  The cost and environmental benefits are the main advantages, however, they have also been known to reduce the chance of nappy rash, be a safer option for your baby and speed up the toilet training process.

What are the Cost Benefits?

A full time pack of reusable nappies cost between $250 and $600 depending on the style and company.  As an example, if you were to wash every second day, a pack of 25 nappies would last from birth to toilet training costing only $289.95 for the pocket cloth nappies from L&A Kidz.  Even if you were to purchase a complete kit from L&A Kidz with 25 nappies, inserts, boosters, wetbags, flushable liners, natures child bottom balm and a storage basket, it will only cost you $399.95.  At first this may seem expensive, however, if you compare it to the cost of disposables from birth to toilet training, it is only a small upfront expense.  Disposable nappies cost approximately 50 c per nappy and assuming there is an average of 6-7 changes a day for two and a half years, they would cost well over $3 000.

Even if you choose to purchase wetbags, boosters and use flushable biodegradable liners, the costs will still be significantly lower than that of disposable nappies.  This data is only for one child, with another child you will double your savings.

What are the Environmental Benefits?

Many individuals and businesses are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in an attempt to tackle the issue of global warming and to create sustainable living for future generations.

Approximately 6 000 disposable nappies are used per child compared to between 12 to 30 modern cloth nappies.  This figure alone illustrates that our natural resources are being wasted with disposables.  In addition to this, disposable nappies take hundreds of years to breakdown and therefore the nappies we use today will still be in landfill when our great great great great grandchildren are born.  Our environment will not be able to continually sustain the 800 million nappies dumped in landfill every year in Australia (2-3% of all landfill), considering the hundreds of years each nappy takes to break down.

Disposable nappies have been in use for around 40 years and have already caused considerable damage to our environment.  New modern cloth nappies are as convenient as disposable nappies but have less damaging effects on our environment.

Other Tips to Reduce Environmental Impacts with Modern Cloth Nappies

  • Buy reusable nappies in bulk to reduce transportation and to ensure washing loads are full
  • Buy environmentally friendly detergents such as Earth Choice or Laundry Balls
  • Use a front loader washing machine
  • Wash on a cold water cycle
  • Avoid using bleach and fabric softeners
  • Dry nappies outside on the line or on a cloths horse
  • Install a grey water recycling system

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