The Best Blouses for Office Wear

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The best blouses for office wear emphasise employee professionalism in an office environment. A professional appearance projects competence and confidence, regardless of the employment level. Office wear for women includes blouses in combination with skirts, jackets, and pants. Blouse types and styles reflect personal preferences within the limitations of an appropriate office dress code. 

When selecting the best blouses for office wear, buyers need to determine the different types of blouses that are appropriate for office environments. They should also consider fabrics, colours, sizes, sleeve lengths, collars, and necklines before making final decisions. Blouses for office wear are available in women's clothing stores, department stores, and online on sites like eBay. In fact, eBay offers a special deals section for ladies' blouses.

Brief History of Blouses

The use of the word blouse first occurred in 1828. It came from the French word, blouse, meaning a workman's smock or apron. It was originally a man's garment. In the 1890s, work attire for women only included blouses and skirts, and they were plain and simple in appearance. In the early 1900s, blouses became fashionable outside of the workplace. Different fabrics and colours also provided more style choices. Today, the abundance of styles, fabrics, designs, and colours is beyond impressive, even for office-appropriate blouses.

Types of Blouses

Blouses coordinate with skirts, dress jackets, dress pants, slacks, shoes, and other accessories. They are essential clothing items for formal and casual office wear. The common types of blouses worn in offices include button blouses, wrap blouses, ruffled blouses, and tunics. Extremely tight blouses that accentuate a person's body shape are generally not considered appropriate for office wear. Loose-fitting blouses, however, are deemed appropriate and can also be used to disguise body shape imperfections.

Button Blouses

A button blouse, also called a dress blouse, is one of the most popular types of blouse for office wear. The blouse contains a row of buttons, extending from the collar or neckline to the bottom of the blouse. It may also display a pocket on the front of the blouse. A button blouse is very versatile and is worn with skirts, dress jackets, and pants for formal and casual office wear. A solid-coloured or vertical-striped button blouse slims a woman's body shape and promotes a professional, confident appearance.

Wrap Blouses

A wrap blouse is another popular type of blouse for office wear. The blouse emphasises a woman's waist and upper body. The slightly form-fitting blouse wraps around the upper body and ties into a bow at the waist. A wrap blouse usually comes with a collar or v-neckline. Its elegant, classic style coordinates with skirts and pants for a professional look.

Ruffled Blouses

A ruffled blouse is a fancier version of the button blouse. It includes ruffles located around the sleeves, neckline, or down the front of the blouse. A satin or silk ruffled blouse dresses up solid-coloured, casual slacks or matches formal dress pants. It can be paired with a skirt for a very feminine look.

Tunic Blouses

A tunic is a type of blouse that is better suited for casual office environments. A tunic hangs at thigh length and is not tucked into a skirt or slacks. Its longer length and collarless neckline give it a more casual look. Solid patterns embellished with belts and other clothing accessories add style to the overall appearance of the tunic.

Additional Considerations

When selecting a blouse for office wear, a buyer should consider the office dress code along with personal preferences. The different types of blouses for office wear come in different fabrics, colours, patterns, sleeve lengths, collars, necklines, and sizes. A blouse may also come as a matching set with pants and a jacket.


The most common blouse fabrics include cotton, polyester, silk, satin, and linen. Cotton blouses and polyester blouses provide a tailored appearance for formal and casual office environments. They are also comfortable in warm weather. Silk blouses, satin blouses, and linen blouses provide a professional, stylish appearance for formal office environments. They are more appropriate for cooler weather and fit comfortably underneath dress jackets.

Colours and Patterns

Blouses in traditional, solid colours, such as white, black, blue, and grey, coordinate with skirts, dress jackets, dress pants, slacks, and pant suits. Dark colours minimise body fullness. Bright colours reveal problem areas, such as thick waists and upper bodies. Solid-coloured white blouses, black blouses, and blue blouses are the most appropriate choices for professional, formal office wear. Blouses with stripes, prints, flowers, bows, beads, and other customised patterns are more appropriate for casual office wear. Horizontal stripes accentuate body width, whereas vertical stripes accentuate body length.

Sleeve Lengths

Formal blouses for office wear mainly display long sleeves or three-quarter-length sleeves. Three-quarter-length sleeves fit comfortably underneath dress jackets. Casual blouses for office wear, on the other hand, often display various different types of sleeves, including long sleeves, three-quarter-length sleeves, short sleeves, and cap sleeves. Some casual blouses may even be sleeveless if they are tastefully styled.

Collars and Necklines

Common blouse collars include stand up collars, flat collars, and round collars. Stand up collars with button blouses present a more professional appearance. Round collars with tunics present a more casual appearance. A blouse without a collar focuses instead on the neckline. Common blouse necklines for office wear include shallow v-necklines, crew necklines, and scoop necklines. Scoop necklines with wrap blouses present an elegant, professional appearance for office wear.


Blouses for office wear come in different sizes. When selecting a blouse, the correct size should be determined. The following table lists the different blouse sizes according to bust, waist, and length.





6 82 cm 72 cm 59 cm
8 86 cm 78 cm 60 cm
10 90 cm 82 cm 60 cm
12 94 cm 86 cm 61 cm
14 98 cm 90 cm 61 cm
16 102 cm 94 cm 62 cm
The type of fabric and seams affect the blouse size. Straight seams create a looser-fitting blouse. Princess seams create a tighter-fitting blouse.

How to Find the Best Blouses for Office Wear on eBay

To find the best blouses for office wear on eBay, the buyer begins the search on any eBay page by entering keywords into the search bar. Examples for blouses for office wear might include ' cotton blouse' or ' silk blouse'. Descriptive keywords that include colour, fabric, and size narrow the overall search. Blouses that are appropriate for office wear may be located in more than one category. When reading the descriptions, the buyer should consider blouse type, fabric, colour, size, sleeve length, collar, and neckline. Finally, the office dress code correlated with personal style ultimately influences the final decision.
eBay offers a wide selection of different types of blouses to fit any buyer's budget. The different styles are designed to promote a professional appearance in either formal or casual office environments. A buyer should also consult the various sellers' feedback ratings during the search process. A seller rated as an eBay 'Top-rated seller' provides proven customer service and on-time delivery.


When searching for the best blouses for office wear, the buyer should consider the office dress code along with his or her personal preferences on style. The best blouses coordinate with dress jackets, dress pants, skirts, and slacks to present a professional, tailored appearance. The colours and fabrics blend seamlessly with additional clothing items, shoes, and accessories. The correct size and fit complement the buyer's body shape without emphasising imperfections.
eBay offers a vast selection of blouses for office wear for all body shapes. Different fabrics, colours, and styles provide a variety of choices for formal and casual office wear. Local department stores and women's retail outlets also offer a variety of women's blouses that are appropriate for office wear.
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