The Best Bonsai Plants for Beginners

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The Japanese word "bonsai" translates to the modest phrase "potted plant", though bonsai plants are much more than simple greenery in a pot. With the proper upkeep, bonsai plants can become carefully crafted, organic centrepieces in a home or garden. Since some are easier to care for than others, it is important that novices choose a bonsai plant for beginners. With a little experience, they can then go on to grow some truly stunning shrubs.

Ficus With thick, shiny leaves, the Ficus bonsai is great for beginners because it is easy to take care of, and it works well indoors. Some Ficus plants produce pleasant flowers, and most generate aerial roots in a natural habitat. Ficus bonsai plants typically have leaves with pointed tips for rainwater runoff. They vary in size between 1 and 20 inches, and they usually have smooth, grey trunks.
Care and Maintenance
Ficus bonsai plants cannot handle frost, so gardeners should keep them indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. They flourish in areas with excess sunlight and require normal watering at room temperature. To maintain humidity, gardeners can mist the Ficus daily and provide it with weekly fertilising during the summer to aid growth.


Juniper As evergreen, coniferous shrubs, Juniper bonsai plants are popular for beginners. Specifically, the Juniperus sargentii and the Juniperus sabina are two of the most prevalent types of Juniper bonsai plants. Juniper bonsais range in colour from dark greens and blues to light greens with either needle or scale-like leaves, and they can withstand pruning very well.
Care and Maintenance
Gardeners should keep Juniper bonsai plants outside all year long in a spot that receives a lot of sunlight. This plant does not do well indoors, but during the winter, owners should protect it from harsh temperatures. Juniper bonsais should not get too much water, and the soil must dry out between waterings. This plant benefits from regular misting and grows best with normal organic fertiliser pellets applied each month.


Azalea The Azalea, also known as the Rhododendron genus, is a popular bonsai plant due to its spectacular flower growth. Azalea plants produce vibrant blooms that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, while the leaves are dark green and differ in size and shape. Some of the more common Azalea bonsais include the Rhododendron indicum, the Rhododendron kaempferi, and the Rhododendron kiusianum.
Care and Maintenance
Azalea bonsai plants thrive in sunny spots, although they require shade during very hot spells. Gardeners should protect them from the rain and sun when they are flowering to ensure that the florae last longer. They also need relief from extreme cold during winter. When watering an Azalea bonsai, it is important not to let the plant dry out but also not to keep it overly moist.


Jade The Jade bonsai typically has a thick trunk and fine branches, with oval, green succulent leaves. Some Jade bonsais produce small white flowers during autumn if the plant has suffered a drought. Jade bonsai plants are fleshy and woody shrubs, but they can grow to be the size of a small tree.
Care and Maintenance
Taking care of a Jade plant consists of keeping it indoors, although they can grow successfully outside in excess sun and warm temperatures. Because Jade bonsais hold a good amount of water in their succulent leaves, they need sparse watering. For this reason, gardeners should let them dry out between watering sessions.


Maple Known as Acer palmatum, the Maple bonsai plant is Japanese and features hand-shaped leaves with five pointed tips. Young Maple bonsais typically have green or reddish bark that turns light grey and greyish-brown as it ages. Yellow flower clusters appear in warmer months, peppering the Maple bonsai with pops of colour.
Care and Maintenance
To care and maintain a Maple bonsai plant, gardeners should keep it in a sunny and airy place. On warmer days, moving the Maple to a lightly shaded area for half of the day prevents leaf damage and overheating. Gardeners should also protect it from extreme cold temperatures and water it daily, especially during growth season.

How to Buy Bonsai Plants on eBay

Finding the perfect bonsai plant for you and your home is easy on eBay. Use the search box located on any eBay page to query specific bonsai tree names, such as "Jade bonsai" or to conduct a broad search, such as "bonsai tree". If you have any questions about a tree, contact sellers to get more information before you complete a purchase. Pay special attention to the needs of the new bonsai plant so that it flourishes and grows well.
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