The Best Bottle for a Reflux Baby

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I am a mother of 4 Children and every single one of them had really bad Reflux, i have tried everything that the midwives have asked! from Changing Bottles, Goats Milk, & Changing Formula! None of these things worked and i ended up just making sure i was ready to catch everytime i burped them!

Well i have had a new baby and it was back to the drawing board! i was doing everything that the midwives told me to do and nothing was helping AGAIN! until i found some really great Baby Bottles!

They are called Closer to Nature and they are by Tommee Tippee!

At first i thought that it was just because she may have stopped but then i tried a old bottle and it was back!

The Closer to Nature Bottle has a very soft teat, that simulates a nipple so is great for mothers that want to still breastfeed but need to express, you will have no problem with the child going straight back to the breast! It also has a little air hole (though nothing comes out) If you make sure this is always at the top of the bottle when feed, the reflux just seems to dissappear! Dont get me wrong my baby still gets sick but maybe once a week and only 5mils!

So if you are a first time mother wanting to know the best bottle to have, from a mother of 4 i Highly Recommend giving these a go!

Below is a Picture of the bottle so you know what to look for -

I hope that Helps, If you have any questions, let me know i will be happy to help!
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