The Best Brands of Inline Skates for Beginners

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The Best Brands of Inline Skates for Beginners

Inline skating, sometimes called rollerblading, can be an excellent way of getting exercise while having fun. However, it can be intimidating to newcomers to the activity, particularly if they got their start by skating on quad skates. The four widely-placed wheels of quad skates render them less maneuverable, but with a lower center of gravity than inline skates, so quad skates are more forgiving of lost balance. Balancing on the narrow wheels of inline skates can prove difficult, and inline skates offer greater maneuverability that may be hard to manage for newcomers. There are a number of brands of inline skates available for those who want to get their start with the sport.



The RollerBlade company did so much to popularize inline skating in Australia during the late '80s and early '90s that their product's name has virtually become a generic for inline skates in general. As one of the most successful companies, RollerBlade offers a wide variety of products. Many of these are not suitable for beginners, such as racing skates, which are typically extremely expensive and offer less ankle support than other types. Beginners should look for what are often called "commuter skates," which achieve a healthy balance between various factors that make learning to inline skate easy. One example of these is the RollerBlade Maxxum 100 Urban Inline Skates 2015.


K2 Skates

K2 Sports is a company that sells inline skates and accessories, in addition to a number of other products. Their K2 Skates line offers a wide range of products for men, women and children, and many of their products are suitable for beginners. Newcomers should generally look for roller blades that offer taller and less flexible boots and feature larger wheels (in the vicinity of 80-90 mm). Consider also the comfort of a skate -- it should fit the foot snugly and the foot should not wiggle around inside it. Beginners may be interested in a pair of skates like the K2 Il Capo Urban Inline Skates 2015.



Roces has been producing inline skates for 60 years. While they're no longer one of the bigger names on the market, their experience has produced a long line of dependable skates. In addition to seeking out commuter skates from Roces and other companies, buyers may be interested in freestyle skates or fitness skates, which are specialized and therefore more expensive, but still are designed so that the flexibility of the boot, the size of the wheels, and other features of the skate should all be easy enough for newcomers to the sport to adjust to. Fitness skates are designed so that skaters will travel a farther distance than they would otherwise, and are designed to be more comfortable than other skates. Freestyle skates have smaller wheels, which can make them bumpier on certain terrain, but they are generally more durable and maneuverable than other sorts of skate. An example of freestyle skates from Roces is the Roces Equinox Inline Skates.

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