The Best Cardigans for Professional Women

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The Best Cardigans for Professional Women

Clothing choices make or break a professional appearance. And, it is true for most women, that when they know they look good, they feel good also. Wearing great looking professional clothing like cardigans helps women feel accomplished, which also helps to increase self-esteem. When self-esteem is increased, a more positive outlook and attitude coupled with an improved work performance usually follows as well.

There are many styles to choose from and finding cardigans that look great requires that they fit well also. They are found in retail department stores and online at eBay. Knowing which cardigans are the best ones for professional women, as well as knowing how to choose the proper size, makes women confident that they look their best.

Types of Cardigans for Professional Women

One of the best things about adding cardigans to professional wardrobes is that they go well with nearly everything. There are a variety of cardigan styles and patterns to choose from and choosing great professional cardigans has more to do with finding ones that look great on the type of body shapes women have, rather than what just looks great on hangers.

Making sure that the cardigans fit properly goes a long way toward making the overall appearance look more professional. Knowing more about what styles are available gives women a wider selection to choose from when picking out clothes for their professional wardrobe needs.

Draped Cardigans

Draped cardigans are a common choice for women who are employed in professional settings. Draped cardigans lend a stylish flair to professional outfits when worn with either slacks or skirts. This type of cardigan is more flowing than other types of cardigans and gets its name from the way that it drapes itself to the body. Even in the draped cardigan category, there are a number of styles to choose from. The table below lists various styles of draped cardigans and some of the notable characteristics of each.


Notable Characteristics


Most of the volume is centred around the bust and drapes over the hips


Volume is centred in the hip area with soft shoulders


Evenly centred in all areas with a cinched waistline


Often longer and designed to add appearance of length to the torso

Each one of these cardigan styles is ideal for different body shapes. If women want to accentuate the bust, they should consider choosing the triangle style. If they have an athletic build, they may want to try the rectangle cardigan style, as this one adds more definition to the waistline. For women who have broader shoulders than hips, an inverted style is best so that the body appears more evenly proportioned. Women who have plus-sized frames always look great in professional cardigans that add length to the torso. Not all women's bodies are proportioned in the same way, so it is helpful to keep in mind that experimenting with various styles helps women to find professional cardigans that best suit their needs and tastes.

Striped Cardigans

Another style of professional cardigans that helps gives women a more professional appearance are ones that have patterns incorporated into them, such as vertical striped cardigans. Cardigans that have contrasting vertical stripes are great choices for women who want to have the appearance of a more elongated torso. This style also is one that is often chosen by women because the vertical stripes are able to give their bodies a slimmer overall appearance.

Horizontal striped cardigans are plentiful as well, and when the stripes are correctly spaced, they accentuate certain areas of the body that women may want to appear fuller, such as the bust area. Women who are already bountiful in the bust area or who have a wide midsection do not want to choose cardigans with horizontal stripes, because this style tends to accentuate those areas even further.

Vintage Cardigans

Some of the best types of cardigans ever created for professional women are found in the vintage cardigan category. There are always a wide variety of colours and fabrics to choose from that the cardigan choices seem almost endless. There are many pre-owned vintage cardigans available that are so timeless in design and aesthetic appeal, that they never seem to go out of style and give women a unique look that is hard to find elsewhere among the new vintage cardigans on the market.

When choosing vintage cardigans for professional working environments, it is important to make sure that the patterns are considered carefully. Since the vintage cardigans styles go back 20 years to be considered truly vintage, there is a lot of variety in this department, but it is important to choose styles that are not too busy.

Cardigans that have overly bright colours or large robust patterns are okay for a day or night out around town or even around the house, but in the work environment they are often found to be too distracting. It is best to try to choose cardigans that flatter the skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour and that are more toned down in order to avoid distracted glances. A dark cardigan that is offset with a silk blouse in a complementary colour is a much better choice for office attire than one with a bold floral print.

Cropped Cardigans

Another type of cardigan for women who work in professional settings to wear is the cropped cardigan. This is one the best styles of cardigans for women who already have a narrow waistline or for those women who want to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Cropped cardigans are ones that hug the body closer than many other styles and also come in a variety of sleeve lengths. A black cropped cardigan is often a great choice for women who want a professional-looking article of clothing that is able to be paired with nearly any other wardrobe choice.

Buying the Best Cardigans for Professional Women on eBay

If it is great cardigans that professional women are seeking to add to their wardrobe choices, they need to look no further than eBay. Many women enjoy shopping on eBay because there are a large number of individuals who sell their merchandise on this website, so the selection of professional cardigans available is always phenomenal and they can find great deals as well.

All you have to do to find the best cardigan is to start by entering relevant keywords into the search query box located on the eBay home page or any subsequent webpage. For example type, "pre-owned wool cardigan", and all items tagged with those keywords are returned in the search results to browse through. You may also take advantage of the advanced search option feature that is available as well.


When it comes to finding great garments that work in almost any professional environment for women, cardigans are one that is most often on the top of the list. Cardigans are very versatile and come in a wide variety of styles to choose from.

There are draped cardigans that come in a variety of styles that make finding ones that suit body types of women especially simple. Vintage cardigans never go out of style, and look great as long as they are not overly bold and flashy. Cropped and striped cardigans also are ideal for women who want to accentuate the waistline or bring attention to other physical attributes. Knowing what type of cardigans to look for makes the shopping adventure more enjoyable.

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