The Best Hand Tools for Women

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The Best Hand Tools for Women

Hand tools are a must for every homeowner or apartment dweller. Calling in a professional to do every small repair job can get costly, especially since anyone can learn to fix most things that break in a home. Therefore, for women who want to be capable of doing small repairs, having the right hand tools for women is essential.

Most tools are designed with men in mind. However, many women like to rely on themselves, so having hand tools around the house is necessary. These tools are available at hardware stores and retail outlets, as well as online shops like eBay. Before buying, buyers should understand why specific hand tools may be necessary for women and have knowledge about the types and uses of hand tools.

Reasons for Buying Tools for Women

While it is true that hand tools are basically the same and are appropriate for most people, there are some reasons why manufacturers make tools specifically for women. Women are generally smaller than men and have smaller hands, which means their grips are different. A person must be comfortable holding and handling a tool in order to do the job properly and prevent injury, which is why hand tools for women have smaller handles and are lighter than men's tools. Also, women also have up to 70 per cent less upper body strength than men; therefore their tools require more leverage in order for them to exert the necessary force.

The Best Hand Tools for Women

There are many hand tools for women in the market, but before buying every single one out there, women should first buy the basic tools. The best hand tools for women are those that they can use for many types of jobs. Thus, women should first invest in these tools before buying anything else.

1. Adjustable Wrench

Wrenches are one of the more flexible tools available and something every woman should have. This tool can tighten and loosen nuts on a variety of machines and appliances. Most regular wrenches are made for a specific size of nut, but as its name implies, the adjustable wrench can be made to fit different nuts and objects as well. The head of this type of wrench has one part, usually the bottom jaw, which moves up and down to accommodate different nut sizes. Turning a screw on the handle moves the jaw up or down. Depending on the type of project, the buyer may need different sizes as well, as the larger wrenches may not fit in tight spaces, not to mention, may be too big for a smaller hand.

2. Utility Knife

A utility knife is another hand tool everyone, not just women, should have in his or her tool box. However, one distinct advantage this knife has is its small size, which can fit most adult female grips. There are many types and styles of utility knives, but generally, any knife used for cutting is a utility knife. Originally, this was a fixed blade knife, but there are some utility knives that are retractable or fold for easy storage. Utility knives are very useful and suit a variety of purposes. These knives can cut through cardboard boxes, small tree limbs, animal flesh, copper wires, and so on. In fact, some utility knives are so efficient, some cooks and homemakers use them in the kitchen.

3. Folding Saw

A saw is a valuable tool, especially for people who constantly have to deal with tree branches in their yard. A folding sa w is the perfect tool for women as these often come in smaller sizes and are easy to pack away. Much like a full-sized saw, the folding saw's blade features sharp teeth that can cut through small tree limbs and other objects. It is foldable, making it easier to store as well as take on camping or hiking trips. For those women who like to hunt, a folding saw is perfect for cutting into tough bones and antlers. Women should look for folding saws with a non-slip grip to prevent it from slipping while in use.

5. Pliers

Pliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each one has its purpose. The most common is perhaps the long nose of needle nose pliers, which can make loops in wires and fit into small spaces. Cutting pliers have sharp edges for cutting into tough materials like nails, screws, and electrical wire, by using leverage to pierce even the hardest materials with little effort. For women who want to work with electrical wiring, a pair of insulated pliers can help protect them from electrocution should they accidentally cut a live wire.

6. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is a great tool to have around as it serves two purposes: to drive nails into a surface and take them out. Believe it or not, this tool has been around since the time of the Ancient Romans and has remained an invaluable tool throughout the centuries.

There are two main types of claw hammers. The finish hammer features a short handle, smaller head, and a curved claw. This type of claw hammer is perfect for basic home repairs and smaller construction jobs. The other type of claw hammer, the framing hammer, is larger with a milled head and has a straight claw, which is actually for splitting pieces of wood. This hammer is more suitable to heavy-duty work in places like construction sites, mining operations, and lumber yards.

7. Screwdrivers

Many appliances, furniture pieces, and even electronic gadgets are put together with metal screws, which is why a set of screwdrivers is an indispensable tool for women. With a set of screwdrivers, the user can do a variety of tasks, from building a shelf to retrieving a stuck disc inside a DVD player. The chart below indicates the types of tips of various kinds of screwdrivers.

Type of Screwdriver


Phillips Screwdriver

Cross tip

Standard or Flathead Screwdriver

Single blade

Star Screwdriver

Star-shaped tip

Robertson Screwdriver

Square tip

Hex Head Screwdriver

Six-sided tip

Universal Screwdriver

Variety of tips that can be changed

The different types of screwdrivers refer to the shape of the tip, which fits only certain types of screws. This is why it is important to have a complete set of screws, so the user always has the right one available for any job.

8. Level

A level is an important tool that can be useful in many situations. This tool gives the user information on the position of a particular surface in relation to the ground. Basically, this tells the user whether an item is sitting at a flat position or not. This tool is vital to most construction jobs to ensure that doors, windows, walls, and household fixtures are not crooked, and the foundations of a house remain level. However, this can also assist in the most simple of tasks, such as hanging a picture frame on the wall or attaching a curtain rod to a window.

Buying Hand Tools for Women on eBay

Buying hand tools on eBay is quite easy. You can use its search engine like any web search engine. By typing in keywords into the search bar, the search engine helps you find items matching those keywords. For example, if you want to start a general search, keywords like "hand tools" or "women's hand tools" are good starting points.

Using the eBay Mobile App

The eBay Mobile App for the iPhone is a fantastic tool for both buyers and sellers. With this tool, you can perform a variety of tasks, like shop for items, track items on your Watch List, and even take pictures of items you want to sell and create listings on the go.


Although men use hand tools more often, there are specific hand tools made just for women. These tools can accommodate the female form's smaller statue and weaker upper body. Many women are independent and enjoy do-it-yourself projects. They like not having to professionals for small fix-it jobs. These hand tools make these jobs easier for women, as they fit comfortably.

When shopping for a set of hand tools, women should know which ones are a good investment and give them the most value for their money. Hand tools are invaluable and available online from sites like eBay. Buyers looking for hand tools for women can benefit from the large eBay marketplace and helpful search features.

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