The Best Invention Ever Created for Golfers : Golf Gps

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How far would you go in your pursuit to improve your game? What if I told you about the enormous benefit the Golf Gps System has made for us amateur golfers? You wouldn't want to get left behind by your competition would you? Word is going around about how valuable these systems can be. It's like having the same yardage/distance book that Tiger Woods carries around a golf course! About the only thing it can't do for you is carry your golf bag.
You may have had some experience with them in the past. Some higher end courses have them installed right in their golf carts. I'm sure at the time you thought "what a great idea". Now think about how valuable it would be to have one you can carry around the course with you! Are you getting the picture yet?
OK then here are a few of the kinds of things you can do with a Golf GPS system.
· Well first off here is the obvious one, it gives you the yardage to the green (front, center and back) from the spot your ball comes to rest off the tee. This is not just from the fairway either; it's from any spot your ball stops.
· The unit that I have even gives me the shape of the green from whatever direction I'm approaching it from.
· Some units can track multiple targets per hole. The new iGolf Caddie II can track up to 8 targets per hole. It will tell you how far it is to a fairway bunker and how far to carry it. It will give you the distance in meters or yards to the corner of a dog-leg so that you don't over shoot the fairway.
a) Here is an example; #17 at my home course is a 420 meter par 4 with a sharp dog-leg to the left. Playing conservatively by not using a driver will leave you an uphill approach shot of 200+ meters. Because of the GPS unit I know that to cut the corner over the trees, it's a 230 meters carry which usually leaves me in the middle of the fairway with a wedge in my hands on my approach.
That my friends is a significant advantage!
· Are you still guessing at how far you can hit each of your clubs? Well the golf GPS system will help you do away with the guess work. All you have to do is mark the spot where your ball is, hit your shot then mark the spot where your ball came to rest, and the unit gives you the distance you hit the ball. If you keep track, after 3 or 4 rounds you will have a very good idea of just how far you hit each club, no matter what kind of swing you put on the ball. What I mean by that is was it a good swing or a bad swing, a half, ¾, or a full swing.
· I have been using the golf GPS to track my driving distance over the past 3 seasons now. I have a very good Idea of how far I hit my driver. (283meters. avg.) This season I demoed a new driver and found that I was driving the ball an extra 13 yards with it. That was enough information for me to justify purchasing the new driver.
Are you getting the picture yet? Can you see how valuable a Golf GPS System would be to have in your bag? It will help you shave strokes off your scores. They help you speed up your play because you don't have to pace off the yardage. If you are reading this article you can use a Golf GPS.
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