The Best Pants for Pregnant Women

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The Best Pants for Pregnant Women

One of the challenges pregnant women face is finding the right kind of maternity clothing. Although a woman may want to stay in loose dresses a lot of the time, it is still necessary to pick up at least a few pairs of maternity pants. Pregnant women can choose from different types of pants, including jeans, dress pants, casual pants, and leggings. When choosing pants, the woman should consider whether she wants panels and, if so, what type of panels she wants. Some of the options include demi panels, full panels, back panels, no panels, and stretch in the waistband. It is also important to take into account some other factors when shopping for maternity wear. The weather that one has to deal with during pregnancy and the sizing of maternity wear are important considerations.

Types of Pants for Pregnant Women

When a woman is pregnant, different types of pants can accommodate her needs. It can be challenging for a woman to think of the various styles of pants a woman needs during pregnancy, especially since pregnancy lasts over a period of nine months, and one must therefore face different seasons. The types of pants available for expectant moms include work pants, casual pants, and jeans.


A pair of maternity jeans is essential, and it is worth finding the right pair. One may want to choose a demi style for early on in the pregnancy and then a full panel later on. It is possible to find maternity jeans in a variety of styles, including bootcut, skinny jeans, and trouser jeans. They also come in a variety of washes, to keep the look interesting.

Work Pants

For the working woman who is pregnant, work pants are essential for comfort and to maintain a certain amount of style. It is a good idea for a woman to first look into her company's dress code. Finding pants that are as comfortable as the company allows goes a long way towards ensuring freedom of movement while working in the office. Maternity dress pants come in a variety of cuts and styles, so a woman can find something that is both flattering and stylish.

Casual Pants

During pregnancy, a woman should consider purchasing at least one pair of maternity casual pants. These need to be comfortable enough to be worn at home for lounging around. During the summer months, a woman might want to select capris, while khakis could be worn during the colder months. Black pants are a good option, because they go with almost anything and can help achieve either a dressed-up or a dressed-down look.


One of the most comfortable pants a woman can wear is leggings. The great thing about leggings is that they are both comfortable and stretchy, so they can accommodate a woman's growing stomach. Leggings are versatile because one can wear them with shirts or under dresses.

Types of Panels on Pants for Pregnant Women

When shopping for maternity pants, women should think about whether they want a pair with panels. Panels are made of stretchy material that goes over a woman's body, and when incorporated into a pair of pants, they can adjust through the pregnancy. Women have different options to choose from.

No Panel

Pants that do not have panels work well in the beginning of the pregnancy. A woman can wear them under her stomach during the later months, however, it can get uncomfortable at times. Because they sit below the tummy, these pants provide no support at all.

No Panel with Stretch

This type of pant does not have a panel, but there is plenty of elastic in the waistband, so one can use them during all nine months of a pregnancy. Keep in mind that these pants are super stretchy and can sag a lot.

Demi Panel

Pants with a demi panel are a good choice for those who are unsure about a panel. These pants do not work well if a woman has a very big tummy, and slippage in the rear end is common. However, they do a good job of accommodating a growing stomach.

Full Panel

A full panel is made from soft and stretchy material that reaches over the tummy and works well for all nine months, especially the later trimesters. These panels may feel rather hot, which can be annoying especially during the summer months. Pants with a full panel are also a good choice for a second pregnancy when a woman's stomach is often larger than the first time. A flesh tone panel instead of a darker one is less noticeable under lighter-colored tops.

Back Panel

The nice thing about back panels is that they look like normal pants from the front. However, these feel a little too loose early on in the pregnancy. Pants with back panels work better in the early part of the pregnancy, but not for the full nine months. However, one can get some use out of them in the post-partum months.

Other Considerations When Purchasing Pants for Pregnant Women

A woman does not want to spend tons of money on maternity clothing. She can save money by taking a number of factors into consideration when shopping for maternity pants. It is a good idea to think about the season and sizing when looking for maternity pants.


One of the factors to consider when shopping is the weather the expectant mother has to contend with during pregnancy. By considering the seasons, she can purchase the pants she can feel comfortable in. This is especially true if the later trimester happens to be in the summer months, when she is likely more warm than the average person. Pants in light colors and capris work well in warmer months.


A woman needs to think about sizing when purchasing maternity pants, especially if she is buying pants online. However, choosing the proper size of maternity clothing does not have to be daunting even if she is unaccustomed to it. A woman should consider her size from before the pregnancy when selecting pants for herself.

Clothing Size Prior to Pregnancy

Maternity Clothing Size













Although every pregnancy is different, it is a good idea to think about one's clothing size before pregnancy when shopping for maternity clothing. This serves as a guideline when choosing the right size.

Buying Pants for Pregnant Women on eBay

If you are looking for maternity pants on eBay, there are tons of tools you can use to find the ones that are right for you. One of the easiest places to start is a simple keyword search. For example, you can type "maternity jeans" into the search box. Sometimes, there are so many product listings that you do not want to browse through them all. If that is the case, consider using the categories to narrow down the search.

Do consider some of the other tools that eBay offers. The 'Ask a question' feature is a great idea if you want some more information from the seller on how a pair of maternity pants fits. This tool is  very useful if the description for a product in a listing is vague.


Maternity pants are an essential purchase for a pregnant woman. It is a good idea to look for pants that are as versatile as possible, because pregnancy is expensive enough. Types of pants to consider include leggings, dress pants, jeans, and casual pants. A woman should buy pants that make her feel comfortable, whether she is at home or at work. Many women opt for maternity pants that have panels, and considerations when purchasing them include how long they can wear a particular type of pant. Additionally, the seasons during pregnancy has an impact on the types, colors, and materials of pants to choose. With its many functionalities and maternity products, eBay makes it easy for pregnant women everywhere to find the appropriate pants they can stay comfortable in.

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