The Best Swords at the Best Price

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Everyone knows that Ebay is the place to go for online shoping, whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone, or just to treat yourself with something nice. I am a collector of various blades, swords, axes etc, mostly new designs with no true historic value beyond the possibility that they resemble a historic artifact.

Ebay has allowed me to purchase many of these items, and others (watches mainly) at a more than reasonable price, however i have not won everything i have desired, but thats just how it goes. How i have come to purchase these items has been through a technique which im sure most people use, but i came across by myself without anyone influencing me to try or use this method.

First off, i have found that the best items to buy or place a bid on, are the items that are sold right here in our Australian backyard. This will save you alot of money when it comes to postage and handling if the item is won. Of course, the bigger the package and the value of it will determine exactly how much is to be paid, but the price will always be cheaper to have it sent to you from Australia than from overseas.

Besides the customer feedback ratings on the seller, i feel that alot can be said about the vendor just by the way the item description is set out. By this, i mean to the amount of detail they give u about the product itself, provide you with pictures of the product, the layout of the description page and the effort they go into for it to catch your eye. When a person presents their products well and stand by them with confidence, you rarely get dissapointed.

Now my tips for bidding. This works for me when it comes to my blades. Alot of people like to save their bids till last, to try n snatch that 'late n low' bid. This tactic works, usually for those items whos current winning bidder is not on at the final minutes of the auction. If you want to be on of the late bidders, be sure not to just bid the next bid higher each time, for 9 times out of 10, the previous bidder would have set a much higher maximum bid. If this is the case and you are not willing to spend more than what you anticipate the current maximum bid is, i feel its ok to have a bit of fun n bid up until what you believe the price is worth for you to pay. If it still has not beaten the current bids, at least the other bidder will not be getting it as cheap as he would like.

if you are the first person to put a bid on an item, and the items opening bid is at a low price, set your maximum bid from the beginning. If you are willing to pay $50 for an item, do not put your first bid as $10-$20. This allows you to enter the maximum bid you will like to pay and reserves the opening price for you. If another person would like to bid on this item, they can place a bid to what they believe is a good price, however usually people dont put their highest maximum bid on the first time. This will leave them weary as to what the previous bidder has put on as their maximum bid, causing the current bidder to think twice and not go with the item. This bidder may leave you with a few extra bucks on the pricetag, but your still not at your maximum bid yet, therefore the $50 bargain you are willing to pay could very well turn out to be a $30 early present!

The description of the sword or dagger will determine whether you click on and move on to get more information. With the swords, many sellers will use eye catching phrases and names such as Hattori Hanzoi, which we know from the Kill Bill movies. They refer their swords to Lord Of The Rings, as these swords are fashioned in the likeness of swords from that movie. Although they do not tell you that these swords are the actual props from the movie, they throw the names in to attract your eye, and believe me, it works! This is simply a clever marketing startegy taken on by the vendor. So remember not to bid on a piece of movie memorabillia (extremely high), but on a item that bares a nice resemblance (affordable quality)

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