The Best T-Shirts For Young Men

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The Best T-Shirts For Young Men

T-shirts have come a long ways since the 1950s, when the garment became a hit amongst young men who grew up during the initial phase of the rock and roll era. Australian young men followed in the footsteps of other young men throughout the world who defined their personas by the plain white, sleeveless shirts they wore to school and dance hops. Through the years, manufacturers began to expand the fashion role of T-shirts to include outerwear worn not only around swimming pools, but also at casual school social events and Friday night parties. Young men can find the best T-shirts in men's clothing shops or online at one of the leading ecommerce sites, eBay. First, they should know what to look for in the best T-shirts and review a list that includes the best T-shirts for young men.

T-Shirt Size Chart for Young Men

Buying T-shirts for young men can prevent several obstacles. The finicky nature of youthful fashion statements represents one of the more difficult obstacles to overcome. However, as with all types of youth clothing, finding the right size is a challenge due to unexpected growth spurts. The following chart displays the sizes for young men's T-shirts.


Width (cm)

Length (cm)
















Remember that in addition to rapidly changing heights and widths of young men, shoppers also must factor in the type of materials used to manufacture the T-shirts. For example, cotton tends to expand as young men grow, while cotton blends and polyester do not adapt to size changes. Young men sales professionals typically recommend that shoppers purchase current size T-shirts and T-shirts that are the next size.

What to Look for in the Best Young Men's T-Shirts

Men ' s clothing companies initially produced T-shirts as undergarments, but today, T-shirts make fashion statements as outerwear during the warmer months of the year. T-shirts made for wearing under another shirt typically possess moisture absorbent properties, while outerwear T-shirts have more style and quality. Young men have several factors to review before they make a T-shirt purchasing decision.


Choose T-shirts that maintain their shapes after a laundering cycle. The materials should not weaken or stretch after following washing and drying instructions. Firm, even, and close-knitted stitches indicate quality construction. The tiny loops within the knit structure should be round and fleshy, not stretched into long, thin strands that easily break. The rounder the loops, the more likely the T-shirt can withstand once a week washing and drying.


Examine the hangtag or the label attached to the backside of the neck area. Young men can find T-shirts in 100 per cent cotton, half cotton-half polyester, and an assortment of blend combinations that dictate quality. Cotton provides the most moisture absorbency and comfort, as the material evaporates sweat into the surrounding air. Polyester resists wrinkles and helps dry T-shirts quicker than any other material. Blends represent compromises that manufacturers make to include the benefits of every type of material used to construct T-shirts.


Shoppers can easily detect whether the manufacturer has cut materials with the grain. The vertical loops should be at right angles to the lower edge of the T-shirt and the side seam should not twist to the front or back of the shirt . Incorrectly cut materials that go against the grain can cause fibres to fray and holes to appear, especially near the underarm areas. Analyse the evenness of the material grain around the sleeves to ensure the proper cut.

Shrink Resistance

The best young men's T-shirts should not shrink by more than 2 per cent to maintain the proper size. Unfinished, 100 per cent cotton T-shirts can shrink by more than 5 per cent after the first wash and dry cycle. Young men can purchase larger sizes to compensate for shrinkage or make sure the T-shirts under consideration have undergone finish and processing treatments that prevent cotton shirts from shrinking. The treatments allow young men to buy T-shirts that equal their height and width proportions.

Even Stitching

Examine T-shirts to ensure smooth, even stitching that does not have any drawing of the seams. The top-stitching should be flat to the fabric and run straight, without broken or disrupted stitches. Neckbands should also run flat and straight, as uneven neckband stitching causes neck and upper shoulder discomfort. Young men should never see hems, and T-shirt manufacturers should reinforce back, shoulder, and neck seams with tape to bolster fabric shape.

The Best Young Men's T-Shirts

Esquire magazine releases "Best of" men's clothing lists in every publication. While young men tend to dress according to peer influence, many young men who once succumbed to peer pressure, now refer to fashion publications, such as Esquire magazine. The magazine, along with a few other periodicals, form the basis for a list released that names the best young men's T-shirts.

Levi's Vintage Multicolour Stripe

For years, Levi Strauss earned its place in pop culture with the production of the company's iconic jean line. The company eventually branched out into other articles of clothing, especially the design of T-shirts that pair with their iconic jeans. This multicoloured striped T-shirt works as both outerwear and as an undergarment. The stylish coral neckline augments facial colour and the impeccable cotton stitching provides unsurpassed durability.

Flock Print by JW Anderson

Young men who do not want to wear their father's adolescent T-shirts turn to anti-'70s fashion statement flock printed T-shirts made by JW Anderson. Cuff the sleeves to reveal a bit of white on the inside that contrasts nicely with the stylish outer design. JW Anderson manufacturers one of the best T-shirts in a variety of blends that promote both comfort and durability.

Urban Outfitters Ombre Stripe

In tribute to the dip-dye hair trend, Urban Outfitters has produced a graded purple background tint that works well with various coloured horizontal stripes. The strong visual statement pairs well with chinos and darker coloured jeans .

Yves Saint Laurent Urban Safari

Sometimes, the best costs the most, as is the case with the Urban Safari T-shirt from Yves Saint Laurent. The animal print safari motif makes a fashion statement, and the company only uses high-grade cotton fibres to weave the shirt's structure. This T-shirt does not require young men to upsize in order to ensure the proper fit.

Buying the Best Young Men's T-Shirts on eBay

There is no doubt that young men know how to utilise technology to find the products that interest them. Why not venture online to eBay and use the e-commerce giant's powerful search engine to shop for one of the best young men 's T-shirts? You can type brand names into the search engine to narrow your seller list or shop by colour. The point is to be as specific as possible to reduce the time you spend on an eBay search. Once you find a group of sellers that match your T-shirt buying criteria, review the information on each seller's product page to vet the candidates. The difference between sellers may come down to the credit cards accepted for payment or the amount of time it takes for delivery. Do not forget to take advantage of eBay deals to find high-quality T-shirts that may otherwise be outside of your budget.


Buying clothes for a young man can be a trying experience, both for patience levels and on family finances. However, the evolution of T-shirt manufacturing has created a men's clothing niche that has more applications than any other article of men's clothing. Young men can wear T-shirts under winter clothes to accentuate the layer effect, or play volleyball along the beach in elegantly styled outerwear T-shirts. The best young men's T-shirts can be plain white or contain colourful prints that highlight personal preferences. The best men's T-shirts come from the most popular men's clothing brands, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Levi Strauss. Lesser-known Australian clothing manufacturers also present young men with stylish and durably designed T-shirts. Popular men's clothing magazines and websites can try to define the best T-shirts, but the final say comes from the young men who wear the multi-purpose shirts.

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