The Best Waterproof Cameras for Snorkeling

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The Best Waterproof Cameras for Snorkeling

Going snorkeling is one of the best ways to see nautical wildlife up close, and the best way to document those memories is via photographs. Luckily, there are many excellent electronics -- including cameras - that are waterproof and can be used to capture images of marine wildlife in the sea. For those interested in taking photographs while snorkeling, these cameras are some of the best options made today.


Olympus Stylus Tough TG-3

One of the best and most popular cameras for snorkeling on the market is the Olympus Stylus TG-3. The camera is waterproof up to just over 15 meters, and it is freeze-proof above -10 degrees Celsius, which means snorkelers can use it in the harshest of conditions. In addition to taking photographs, the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-3 also takes movies, so snorkelers can capture fish in action. For even easier file sharing, Olympus equipped their Stylus Tough TG-3 with WiFi.


Canon PowerShot D30

The Canon PowerShot D30 is considered one of the best snorkeling cameras on the market because of its small size and light weight, which makes it easy to tote alongside any other necessary snorkeling equipment. The camera is waterproof up to 25 meters, which means that snorkelers can also use it for diving. The PowerShot D30 has a built in GPS tracker to let users know where the photo was taken and what time, and it has 32 predefined camera settings to ensure photographers' photos look the best, no matter what light they are taken in.


Panasonic Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH

The Lumix TS4 12.1 TOUGH is one of the best waterproof cameras due its features as well as its size and weight. Easy to tote around, the Panasonic camera has a built-in GPS system so snorkelers can know where their photos were taken, as well as freezeproof and shockproof features. The camera is waterproof up to 12 meters, and it has an excellent 4.6x zoom built-in, so users can get up-close shots of marine life they spot from far away.


Nikon 1 AW-1

One of the highest quality snorkeling cameras on the market is the Nikon 1 AW-1. The camera is shockproof, freezeproof, and waterproof, so it's a great choice for whatever climate snorkelers choose to adventure in. It also has a wireless mobile adapter and WiFi, meaning snorkelers can share their images while on-the-go. One of the most outstanding features of the Nikon 1 AW-1 is that it has a Slow View Mode, which means that snorkelers can take a longer clip of action, then select one select instant from that clip to find the perfect image. The Nikon camera is also equipped with HD video capability.

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