The Best Wedding Decoration Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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The Best Wedding Decoration Ideas for Couples on a Budget

On top of all of the expenses related to a wedding, including numerous services and various wedding supplies, the decorations can turn an already bulging budget into an explosion. The alternative of a plain wedding is not appealing to most folks, however; almost everyone desires a somewhat festive environment in which to celebrate the happy occasion. The good news is that gorgeous wedding decorations can be purchased and created even on a tight budget. Using elements such as candles and lights, paper products, and balloons, any couple can create dreamy surroundings for their wedding celebration. Items in these three categories are totally appropriate for wedding decorations and are among the least expensive available.

Charming Candles and Lights

The flicker of lights at an afternoon or evening wedding casts a gorgeous light on the entire affair. However, users must be careful to keep flames covered and away from anything that could possibly ignite. Because real candles can be dangerous in certain situations, flameless candles and submersible lights make excellent alternatives.

Real Candles

Candles are a classy staple of party decorating, but they must be placed with caution. As part of a table centrepiece, candles should always be safely behind glass, such as in a hurricane lamp or votive holder. Still, the open top of such a holder can pose a threat. Candles do work quite well when floating on a swimming pool, pond, or lake, away from the guests. A reception venue that features hanging chandeliers is an obvious call for candles as decorations.

Flameless Candles

Ideal for weddings are flameless LED candles. Powered by batteries, these candles are cool and safe to use near paper napkins and flammable decorations. One can find various sizes of flameless candles; while tea lights are popular, there are also votives and even traditional tapers. Candles can be worked into detailed arrangements or displayed on their own.

Submersible Lights

Another way to use lights as decorations is to purchase submersible lights, which are actually a subtype of LED lights. These battery-operated, waterproof lights are often used to enhance ice sculptures, which are usually costly; however, there are many other interesting ways to use these lights. A submersible light looks pretty when added to the water in the vase of a floral arrangement. Not only for wet environments, submersible lights also look great in centrepieces that are filled with glass pieces, beads, or crystals, particularly the colour-changing variety. Many of these lights allow for different illumination effects as well, such a blinking or a flame flicker in addition to the steady on. Submersible lights, as well as regular flameless candles, are ideal for illuminating paper lanterns.

Pretty Paper Decorations

Almost anything made of paper is generally inexpensive and often recyclable, making paper a good choice for one-time-use decorations. Although they might not sound great on paper, paper products can serve almost entirely as the wedding decorations.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns, which are a common installation at wedding receptions, are generally hung from the ceiling and illuminated from within by hanging lights. Lanterns work just as well indoors and outdoors. They look attractive as table centrepieces, lining a walkway, or set around a dance floor. Choosing theme colours really makes an impact.

Paper Flowers

There is no need to pay huge amounts of money for fresh or even dried floral arrangements. Paper flowers can be exquisite and, at times, even more fascinating than the real thing. Some versions are meant to be placed in vases or bouquets, like actual blossoms. Others are fluffy abstractions that are technically considered pompoms but look very much like multi-petalled flowers. Tissue paper pompoms look nice when interspersed with paper lanterns.

Origami Flowers

Another creative way to create beautiful faux flowers is to make them origami style using origami paper and the aid of a how-to book. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Experts can make very intricate blossoms simply by folding, and not cutting, squares of coloured paper, but even beginners can make realistic flowers of certain simpler types. Origami flower kits that contain papers and instructions are also available.

Paper Streamers

Streamers are inexpensive and look lovely. These long strips of crepe paper can be draped and intertwined in myriad ways to create a variety of effects. Streamers can hang vertically from door frames, wrap around columns and banisters, or twist together for a multicolour effect. Decorators commonly hang streamers in festoon style along the sides of tables and especially across the ceiling. As far as hues go, mixing one or two theme colours with white is always a good bet for a wedding function. Streamers are available in virtually every colour and look especially nice in combination with balloons.

Beautiful Balloons

Balloons are a becoming a popular fixture at many weddings. They are a terrific way to replace flowers for far less money. One can either use floating helium-filled balloons, regular air-filled balloons, or a combination of the two. Traditional balloons are solid-coloured latex, but modern Mylar balloons are popular at parties and receptions. Mylar balloons come in shapes that can reflect a specific theme or simply a celebration of love. Other balloons feature printed images and messages. Possible shapes and motifs include hearts, flowers, wedding bells, lovebirds, and wedding rings.

Some couples commission elaborate balloon sculptures, which, although more expensive than regular balloons, may still be less costly than other types of decorations. Balloon figures on a smaller scale make great table centrepieces and are on the lower end of the cost spectrum. An enterprising couple can learn how to create these on their own to save even more money.

Where to Find Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations are available from a number of retailers, including specialty wedding suppliers. Other sources for decorations include greeting card stores, discount stores, dollar stores, department stores, party stores, and gift shops. You can also find wedding supplies on the Internet from e-retailers. It may be possible to purchase gently used decorations and related items at thrift shops, consignment shops, rental outlets, and through classified adverts.

How to Buy Inexpensive Wedding Decorations on eBay

You can find inexpensive wedding decorations easily on eBay. The user-friendly platform allows you to search by keyword from any page on the site; for example, you might enter "pink paper lanterns wedding". You can also search through the directory if you prefer. Either way, locating budget-friendly merchandise is a cinch with eBay's clickable category filters and sorting options. You can sort listings by lowest price first, specify refurbished or used items, or make use of the price slider to display only those products that fall within your desired price range. Another option for shopping is to check out deals on novelties and gifts or deals on home decor; you might find just what you want for even less.


Creating wedding decorations on a budget is quite possible and is actually a great deal of fun for couples who enjoy a challenge. By combining paper decorations, balloons, and candles, anyone can make a dream wedding. The flameless, battery-operated variety of candle is best for weddings and parties in general. Paper decorations include two- and three-dimensional items such as lanterns, pompoms, flowers, and streamers. Balloons can be used in numerous ways to decorate a reception hall or tent. Even though these items sound simple, the resulting effects when combined are nothing short of stunning. By using creativity to put on a budget wedding, a bride and groom can inspire and fascinate their guests while growing closer together.

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